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  1. random autoclicker clicks anywhere from 30s to 14:59 random locations in inventory. illegal ting yeah?
  2. Prob gonna quit for 2 weeks and finish barrow gloves and barrage on osrs and splash on mi pure and 100+ ping on roatz is aids
  3. i just fixed it my monitor was 5:4 and youtube is 16:9 so i had to fix the ratios to make it as close as possible and it shouldnt have black bars now but thank you
  4. im gonna wait till i get better and get a bigger bank before posting anything else
  5. i never applied or plan on applying for yt rank? like 3 mins
  6. meant to say the vid after the next one i upload won't have black bars
  7. Fixed black bars... video after the next one should have the clips without them. another month and hopefully i get decent at nh and bridding
  8. im not that good buy hopefully i get better. also can anyone help me with removing the black borders in obs. i tried fixing aspect ratios but this is the best i got
  9. rng,,,he aint got the skill to drop brownman
  10. Hello, im known as 6265294 aka Skool Shootr. I played roatz a while back when you could use chaotics in pvp and when pkers cape was 2k kills and pretty much if u werent donator u had shit gear. been bridding on roatz for a couple days now and so far plan to keep doing so. made a few friends over at ::edgepvp and I guess since I'll be playing this for a while it is best for people to know who I am. My name is Solly, I am 17 years old, rs and rsps has been a part of my life since I was 10 years old, introduced to bridding in 2014, bridded for a year on revx and exiled and quit to play some shitty game called league of legends. i peaked plat 2 in league of legends last season until my account got banned for being toxic and racist. Got back into runescape and rsps currently addicted to bridding. I played osrs on and off during that time and just staked in duel arena until i got banned for rwt... i have a 80 att/def main in the works for bridding on w25 and probably going to make a nh pure. after tabbing 50 times vs arun, my only endeavor in life is to become a brid that can one day match his skill and stop falling for his fakies.
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