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  1. He was born in the UK, unlike u paki. Man is a paki and lives in the UK and calls other people 4ners godbless
  2. Why do u need FL members, when u got players like smokey, why gg! KKZ 2.0, atleast they try
  3. "You can't spell or use correct grammar" u legit wrote autist with a capital letter 4ner pipe down
  4. All of those kills were at a time when hitting 40 with the gmaul was a common thing nice excuse arun, but too bad u cant use the excuse on this topic why? The highest gmaul spec was a 28 on mage pray and robes so fix up retard kinda embarassing 1 gunit member has 10 max kills on u. on this topic there were only 2 ags gmaul kills, once the gmaul hitted a 22, and 28 excuse invalid
  5. u died 4 times in this topic all these solo kills were from blue dragon alone, i will post more once the other members send their kps this wasn't everythingthis was just a start
  6. the highest gmaul hit was a 28, and that was on robes. u mac banned blue dragon, after that he went on other server and slapped u (ps watch ur hp don't die to a 30-30 dds ) blue dragon, didn't die for max, and would never die to bunch of clueless chicken like u lot. CHECK THE SCORE
  7. PS: people saying "broken gmaul pics" the highest gmaul hit was a 28, and it was on robes
  8. yeah i know, i didn't wanted to post these as they are irrelevant at the moment but just look at their topic its filled with old killpics and ags gmauls on tbers
  9. u died to a 70 (ags gmaul) u died to a 58 ags u died on half while abusing redemption only kill that was kinda lucky is the stack on lavllllsh, but that was mage pray and ahrim robes If YoU WaNt To Be TaKeN SeRiOuSlY PoSt LeGiTiMaTe KiLlPiCs
  10. 80 % ags gmaul on tber kills 20% kills on non g unit member but nice topic!
  11. JAG E SVENSK??? F3 PLEASE? check ur own topic spastic
  12. RANDOM team think they are up on us lets post some actual quality team kills / solo kills SOLO KILLS: (got more but can't be asked to find them) merked for max TEAM KILLS: (smokeys kps) (suors kp) PEACE
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