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  1. SS is the time to prove themselves tho, a lot of people have proven experience as owners, admins, mods and ss's. A full year to play 1 rsps is actually a long time if you think about it, like i stayed with one server for like 5-6 years.. probably longer idk.
  2. I bet many are wondering like myself, when will the staff applications open? It's been a while, i'm sick of seeing 3 staff online @ 4pm then at 8pm till like 4 in the morning 0 Staff Online. I don't believe the staff have been picked in the right timezones (in order to cover all time zones) *Note - This is just my opinion, if you think my opinion is wrong don't flame, if you do, Please find someone whos gonna give a damn about your reply* Forgot to add, no disrespect to any of the current staff, some of yall are my homies.
  3. Amir? <- pretty sure I already own it from years back tho..
  4. Haha I've missed a fair few years off roatz tbh, it seems like everyday people are quitting or getting bored. Then you get half the cancerous players. I guess it could be doing a lot better than rn, may not be dying but could do with a lil boost. Roatz is hanging on to the fact that it used to have a lot of players and that it was big. *This is just my opinion and I don't mean any of this in a bad way, saying it for constructive criticism**
  5. Owner Gretar Staff Manager Zoradz - Playtime: 58 hours (11 Hours AFK) - Knows what he's doing I guess, seems professional. Global Admin(s) Smackd - Playtime: 117 hours ( 60 hours AFK) - Good guy, always interacts with players and drops a lot too smh. Administrator(s) Legend (Always AFK) - Don't really know you enough to give feedback Global Moderator(s) N/A Forum Administrator(s) John (900 hours AFK) - Meh, don't know you enough to give feedback either. Forum Moderator(s) Player Moderator(s) Jblind - Playtime: 101 Hours (+33 Hours AFK) - Does his job well, always there if you need him. Server Support Killbob - Playtime: 46 Hours (+5 Hours AFK) Ban152 - Playtime: 75 Hours (+35 Hours AFK) Mikevanoers - Playtime: 78 Hours (+4 Hours AFK) Suor - Playtime: 52 Hours (+9 Hours AFK) Mike - Playtime: 18 (+9 Hours AFK) All the server supports seem to be doing well tbh, no complaints about any of them, friendly bunch of people. Please note that all feedback should be honest and constructive criticism. All negative and inappropriate comments such as trolling, spam, or unnecessary flame, will be removed without hesitation. Suggestions for current staff members, and even suggestions for potentially new staff members are welcome, but must have valid, well explained reasons alongside the suggestion. ~RoatPkz Staff Team
  6. That's true I guess, it was just a little suggestion which has been flying around for ages tbh.
  7. Yes but it'd improve THEIR game, we can all agree roatz is dying atm, if they're doing a bulk update, this should be on their list.
  8. ITS NOT JUST DUEL ARENA THO IS IT? lel, it's also trades, i'm just saying it'd save time, it's such an easy change.
  9. All i'm saying is for the new players, it won't happen to people who are older. + All day I see on yell 'this person is doing the pkp scam', why is there a way to easily scam that's just widely available, it would save time for staff and players if they just changed the looks. If the price of the inferno drops + votes drop, then a lot more people will have the inferno cape.. it's pretty strong, this wont be good for anyone rn.
  10. Agreed, no one has the time to just straight up look at it that close to see which ones brighter, + most new players do not know this fact.
  11. You get the benefits from voting and doing ::claim not by opening a vote. you get 1 vp for doing the box too, which is 10x better. Opened 200+ boxes today, it is 10x better than getting 100 pkp.
  12. Vote tickets look exactly like pkp, many new people are actually losing their banks because of this scam. I fell for this back when I joined. We need one of them to be changed, preferably the Vote Tickets. Also, the 100 pkp reward should be removed, selling a vote ticket is 500 alone, if you want to keep that the reward is usually 80-1k anyway, so using 100 pkp is pretty much useless. Thoughts? - Amir PK
  13. Yet you're always racist towards me
  14. 100% Agreed. There's plenty of time zones which have no staff. Like literally there can go 5-6 hours without staff online, then when they log another couple hours. Open up the Staff Slots and let people prove their experience etc.
  15. I'm not really a forums boi.. Please could you move it mate? just want to expose this nerd
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