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  1. ty mate ty bro :3 ty man respect. eh could be better tbh yay !! haha
  2. gg lol whats the problem with the song bruh? l0l well thanks for that next time fam ggg fam ripperino
  3. i got my acc back but i think im getting hacked by some1 who i made the account at hes house
  4. thanks man for the support much respect
  5. thanks fam appricate it thank you brother
  6. In-game Name:tiger2Youtube Channel (URL):https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5D4mO0IMGj3VTYwvuApTbg/featuredWhy should we pick you ?: i have a small growing channel right now standing on a 80+ subscribers i like to make staking and high risk pking videos that get most views i think i will be making alot videos on the future!+giveaways ongame+ill be donating to server aswell
  7. hey guys i invite you to watch and join my giveaway of 2 dragon claws to 2 winner easy steps on the descreptions goodluck
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