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  1. Dude I said these are not all my clips and your missing the point I made a hard luck montage that’s all done arguing with u : )
  2. Dude chill out I’m saying bad luck for Nhers and shit not all my clips if u watched till the end u would’ve known Yh feels bad man
  3. New video around hard luck in roatz hope u all like it https://youtu.be/3aWxJ_o42xk
  4. do u realy watch his full video? L0L WTF english PLZZZZZZZZZ L0C ANC GIVEAWAY WINNER?
  5. wasnt edited by me by a freind and it was good.
  6. New stake vid+ ags giveaway https://youtu.be/K9kwtcDgQoI To enter giveaway you have to : Like Sub Comment your in game name
  7. Rot

    Clan chat

    agreed @Smackd @Zezima
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