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  1. 1 Slap - Sent this to gretar already, he didn't like it. But I was AFK, and had nothing to do with what he was upset about.
  2. Osamu


    Buying augury!!! Message me!!!
  3. Osamu


    Buying rigour pm me 'Osamu'
  4. Osamu

    Sell Rigour

    Do you still have it dude
  5. BUMP - Added a few more suggestions, tell me your thoughts!
  6. If you think RSPS is the most toxic community clearly you haven't tried league of legends ranked, or a lot of online games for that matter.
  7. Both accepted! Make sure to do /nick IGN in discord so we know who we are and I can sort your ranks.
  8. Thanks for the pat on the shoulder m8 lmao
  9. Thank you for showing notice @Gretar
  10. I'm hoping to get a multi funPK update soon so we can have friendly practises because right now Roats tribrids aren't bad they just have no idea how to pk with a clan lmao. Also Phoenix Necklace is a very important part of OSRS and Clans.
  11. Have you been on lately? There's 0 restrction in yell, it's supposed to be used to advertise threads and sell shit quicker, but as of late (myself guilty of this) absol505 has just been spamming 20 messages at a time @ 1 sec intervals to recruit for his clan while "day n nite" competes with him. I want to advertise my clan but I don't want to have to have full on spam wars where I piss everyone off to keep up with absols mass recruiting.
  12. Basically what you're saying is there shouldn't be a suggestions section... Which if so I suggest removing it! On a serious note, I don't really care if he's seen them before. I may end up with a few unique suggestions.
  13. Hello, I'm back playing Roat once again after rebuilding my bank & I always have nitpicky suggestions to make, with all the support I received on my last attempt on making this thread I'd like to bring some more suggestions to the table, having now acquired a donator rank. LEGEND: Nitpicky Mediocre Highly Agreeable / Urgent List of suggestions Archive - Reason Clan Updates - Fix clan bug(reported to gretar) | Add Ban feature similar to kick feature but perm - incoming Callisto & Ven - Good spots for clans to hit, promotes more deep wilderness activity - incoming ::Yell Spam Timer - 1-3 message(s) every 5 minutes - added Feedback is always encouraged here! I need more ideas and thoughts on the pre-existing ones if we're going to let Gretar know what players want. This list will be frequently updated based on player suggestions to add to the list, and previous suggestions that have gotten burried. Thank you for taking the time to read/support my thread!
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