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Found 3 results

  1. The Kings are here to take over , think you got what it takes join and be crowned a king ? I don't just want to be just a single zone clan because i think multi PKing can be just as fun as single PKing. If you want to apply copy and paste along with answers. Try-Outs and Discord are Mandatory! My discord is more then for pking! join for pvm groups and other game chats. Discord link: https://discord.gg/uMs38BT How long have you been playing Runescape?: witch style of group pking do you prefer, Multi/Single/Both?: witch style of pking do you prefer, Tb/Focus/tank?: do you have access to Discord?: do you have experience in clanning?: What's your Roatzpkz username(s)?: who recommended you this clan?: (Clan Rules) 1.) when pking must follow orders from owner/co-owners, or the person selected to be in charge of Single/Multi pking. 2.) only Ranks of Lieutenants or higher may pvm jad, or if multi leader has chosen you to pvm jad. 3.) No recruiting to other clan chats. 4.) No Flaming other members inside of the clan chat. (Members List) (owner) -Bighamm2 (Co-Owner) -Free Fallin (Singles Leader) -Plz Forgive (Multi Leaders) -Proffeser19 -open (Members) -Dropzone -angeldust54
  2. I find i have a fair few usually new players pming me about Jad in specific, they go there go there(usually finding it after its spawned) and don't really have much but a whip nad dds or whatever there pre made kit has spawned them, not giving them much of a chance at all because of people like me or others are generally there with heavy ballistas. I Think jad should drop a small amount of pkp or maybe an item of small pkp value for players that dont get the loot or maybe for the 2 or so players with the least damage or somthing like that. They go spend there time there and dont really get anything from it, it wouldn't really make a difference if they were there from the start becuase Ballista is Oh Pee on Jad, it would be a nice little booster for new players as a lot of them seem overly intersted in jad. Thankyou if you took the time to read.
  3. Intro On the 26/9/16 there was an update which added the famous old school boss, TzTok-Jad (Level 702) as a custom Wilderness boss. This monster spawns every hour in a "random" location in the Wilderness, which is always a multi-combat zone, to allow everyone a chance to join in. The purpose of this guide is to show you exactly which spot it will appear in, since although the individual spawns are randomised, they are still picked from a pre-defined and limited set of co-ordinates. I advise you to keep this guide open and ready a few minutes before the announcement of Jad's location, particularly if you don't have the Wilderness map memorized in your mind! Map (Open image in a new tab to enlarge it) [Ancient teleport icons are added for (future?) reference but currently none of them work] Locations 1. Level 10 - Start at home (Edge) then run in a North-Easterly direction, just before the small pond 2. Level 19 - Use ::darkcastle then run North along the lava towards the Bandit Camp 3. Level 20 - Use ::easts and then run west in a straight line across 4. Level 25 - Use ::easts and run North-West until you reach a few trees 5. Level 36 - It's directly North of the Bone yard, use ::gorillas (or ::easts if you prefer) - see map for route 6. Level 39 - Lava dragon isle... I suggest using Deserted keep, or even ::44 is good 7. Level 45 - Use ::44 and run pretty much into the center of the Lava maze 8. Level 47 - Use ::44 and run North-East a bit to where multi starts, easiest one to get to 9. Level 50 - It's right at the Chaos Ele spot, so however you like to get there 10. Level 53 - Directly North from the Lvl-50 Obelisk/ side of Rogue' castle (use above method as #9) Loot Jad has 5000 HP, if you can deal the most damage then you could be in with some awesome rewards: FULL DROP TABLE: http://roatpkz.com/droptable/3127/0/TzTok-Jad/ Feel free to submit any corrections and other info you may have to improve this guide, thanks for reading. Good luck, have fun!
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