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Found 4 results

  1. With the new Nightmare Staff coming into game what is everyone's thoughts on how she will be achieved, new boss? Bhp shop? Vote? Let me know what you think
  2. please keep in mind these are just ideas i have thought of myself, please feel free to add or take away anything i suggest. Update ideas: Godwars: How to get there would be through the wilderness via agility short cut in level 32 wilderness , upon climbing the ledge brings you into the godwars dungeon. https://imgur.com/2OSsWgk You cant teleport out once you are inside , you have to get killcount like normal. when you decide to leave you can use the boss rooms altar to teleport out back to wilderness but when you teleport it gives you an automatic skull , you would have to tank a couple wildy levels with what ever gear you have and loot you have acquired for high risk high reward. add bosses to wilderness slayer aswell ? bosses should drop hilts and god shard pieces. ELO Risk zone: Pretty simple, pretty much copy and paste the risk zone we have now. Replace the doors from Risking X amount to , Top 50% , 30%, 20%, 10%. https://imgur.com/wvD9Q1G Pet Box: just a cosmetic update i had in mind , i personally don't see skilling coming to the game. i would like to see this put into the vote shop for a pretty fair price, and the only pets you can acquire from the box would be skilling pets only. https://imgur.com/6vTkJ2U i would like to see opening the boxes would you receive one at random, but i wouldn't know how complex that would be to make seeing you can only have only 1 pet at a time?, (not sure about that). Revenants update: https://imgur.com/lTf00zl me personally do not like the revenant drop table at all, and i don't think i am alone its emtey 80% of the time . Change to PVP Armour, prices of the Armour should be dropped 50% and the drop rate of the armour should be go up about 30-40%. Vesta long sword should stay 1 out of 1K, but should also add vesta chain and skirt aswell at 1 out of 1,500k-3k. Also ether should be a based drop of 4-20 , cant stand getting nothing but a 1 ether drop revs should be best money in game like osrs. Dragon chains/legs also should also have its drop rate changes to 1-11 but only drop a max of 25 at a time. i would like to see other items dropped from their table aswell. -Barrows pieces 1-5 noted -amulet of fury 1-5 noted (maybe be 25-50 pkp ea, can buy/sell pkp shop) -Dragon Boots 1-5 noted (maybe 10-20 pkp ea, buy/sell pkp shop) -dragon throwing axes or tier 1s (either one works i guess, only 1 tier 1 at a time) -Maybe throw rings noted in there aswell could are less about that. -Dragon spear rare drop rate, along with working spec. -Zulrah scales 1-20 -Statius Warhammer ? -Morrgains throwing axes ? special attack has a bleeding affect witch is pretty cool, or it was the javs cant remember. Salve Amulet (ei) i would like to see this item working in game as its super effective to kill revs with , i would put it in the bounty shop for 25-50k. would make a decent sink , players would want to always have one to rebuild. Revenant Box (Donation): i would like to see something like this on the donation page, being a box that you can received one of anything from the rev loot table. (pvp gear only?) Revenant Huge box: Same thing but gives u 9 items at random. Items i would like to see fixed: Antifires and extended antifires need to work for pvp and pvm. Full Guthans Set effect please , for slayer and other pvm what do you think @Gretar
  3. These will be in-game suggestions that i've thought of, some may have been thought of before. No intention of stealing other peoples ideas. Daily Challenges: I think that players need to be rewarded more for there efforts pking, and more challenges to aim for; other than achieving 1k kills. Some daily challenges could be: Get 10 kills each under 2mins. 20 kills in 24hrs, or like 50. Kill someone when you're under 10hp for e.g. Obviously this can be abused too boost pkp so a system would be needed to ensure it's all legit. Rewards would be a sum of pkp; can be negotiable. Max Capes: Max capes i think should be added. They can only be obtained by someone who has achieved 2.5k+, or 5k+ kills. The max cape would be given to the player as a notification when they reach the target amount. To purchase multiple max capes would cost a pkp fee. WILL BE UNTRADEBLE.(kept on death) Stats are negotiable. You will be able to use the max cape on: Fire cape, which creates a Fire max cape Ava's accumulator, which creates Ava's max cape Saradomin cape, which creates a Saradomin max cape Guthix cape, which creates a Guthix max cape Zamorak cape, which creates a Zamorak max cape Ardougne cloak 4, which creates an Ardougne max cape A max cape could be put in that when you use a pkers cape on it it will change. Titles: Here you should have the option to withdraw the title into a ticket form, so you can sell it to other players. Can also be sold back to store for a fraction of the cost. E.g, 60% pkpt back from pkp titles, 60% back of votes spent on vote titles and 60% back from donator point titles. AM AWARE SOMEONE ELSE THOUGHT OF THIS. PVM/Droprates: WE all know that donator island doesn't quite cut it when it comes to donator benefits. So we either need buffed drop rates or just more npc's to kill. Could be KDB, Zulrah or even Skotizo/Chaos Fanatic/Callisto etc. With this could bring new items :): WE NEED MORE WAYS TO GET ITEMS, TRY AND BUY A TSOD OR MAGIC FANG CAN TAKE 2 HOURS. Scales: Tbh wouldn't it just be better if we didn't have to bother with buying scales and serp and toxic staff of the dead had scales built into them. Placeholders & bank tabs: Would be nice to have in my opinion, not a necessity. Master Zone: LMS (Last man standing) How long as this been 'under construction'?; At the moment there's no use for it but what could be put in place is LMS, Last man standing. Would be hard to code n shit probs idek but is a thought. Also will keep players playing to get the 1k kills to play LMS. Buffed PVM: This could include, upgraded chaos ele for example or upgraded Donar island npc's. Poles: In my opinion, We need a re poll for Morrigans, Zuriel's, Statius's & Vestas to be removed. Maybe vestas can stay coz of huge packages (::Donate). Makes server look un-tidy? As we should move over to osrs based. To remove the above^ (alot of players think this) remove donator capes Add pets which can be obtained via ::Donate or in-game progress Godwars: Although we are a mainly a pking server, i see alot of people join and say 'where are the bosses'. So it would be nice to see Godwars added which has been suggested in Bind U Dead's topic. Location could either be ::gws or put it at ::zamp2 since all that space is wasted. Elite Void: Elite void should be added, i recommend not putting it in the vote store and make it so that after you get a certain amount of kills with the regular void it then upgrades itself; or use pkpt to upgrade it. Notification board: Just a small thing, but when new players join or when old players join back they're like what's this, what's that.' Wow so much has changed', then you have to explain it all to them. What they could do is just add a notification board in edge with all the new updates, Or simply an icon on the client which can update the player. New items: Ballista Toxic blowpipe Cosmetic for dark bows Abyssal Dagger Elder Chaos Robes Zenyte jewelry Mystery Chest: This is simply an idea that in the wilderness a 'mystery chest' will spawn randomly. The way to locate the chest could be to have: A clue scroll with arrows as directions A wilderness lvl can be provided Hints on the location as in osrs clue scrolls TO ADD - The longer it's in the wilderness the worse the chances of the rewards gets to encourage players to find it ASAP and hopefully slay some noobs along the way. LINKS TO MY PREVIOUS IN-GAME SUGGESTION THREADS: REMINDER: HAVE NOT INTENTION OF STEALING IDEAS. COMMENT
  4. Quick question, Whens the updates coming? Servers dying out :-(
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