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amnesia pkz


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 So for this guy, it's very ok to rush 24/7 on roatz, at edge , everytime annyone fucking logs in , its ok for him to have 8 fucking rushing setups , but when i anti him , he has to flame me , this is the answer i got from him after i told him to gtfo 10X , btw i blacklisted him , and he has another guy called the same name with one more or less spaces .  maxed out rushing in range while other one is rushing in pures . 
I set em in my blacklist, chillin , doin my thing at ::hills and all of a sudden he comes up to me and says these words. , to only mute him , won't work , u really have to kick this guy , warn him or perma mute him , so he can never talk again , cuz he has a dirty mouth , could care less what he said , but still it's fucked up for those who do care and take it by heart.



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