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  1. Can’t wait for your next vid!! best content, best commentary! Just the best! @Gretar can we give this guy Super YouTuber rank please?
  2. Suggested this ages ago, @Tupac I agree with your idea too. 3rd Age pieces at the moment are worth fuck all
  3. Refer Code in description Sub, like & comment with your IGN to enter new giveaway Previous winners shown in description also
  4. Send the info to [email protected] - not publicly on the forums.

    YT Rank

    When your channels grows a bit more, sure. For now, no.
  6. I don’t agree that you shouldn’t have to go into the wilderness to re-charge your cape however, I understand it can be quite annoying and tedious to do it all over again. Especially if you’re a whale and die all the time like @Tesfxye. Maybe we could make it so that you only have to kill the respective NPC to the cape that you have instead of all 3? So if you had an un-charged Sara cape you’d only need to kill the Sara boss to be able to re-charge the cape? @Gretar @Smackd


  8. 2 x 25k PKP winners - comment, like & sub Refer code in description
  9. King Arturia should be Mod @Gretar
  10. We have max cape for 1k kills, what you're suggesting seems to similar to that of the daily, weekly changes suggested before
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