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Demi report


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Name of the Rule Breaker: Demilovatox
Rule Broken:Scamming Irl Money
In-game or Forums: ingame
Date: today
Proof: Trade + Chat logs off all his alt accounts he traded me on.
Private Report (Y/N): I paid irl and donated to support roats and someone like this is allowed to scam me for supporting roatz? refund me my pixels for this retard ill make sure i have staff assist me next time with give away.

i was giving away donator ranks and boxs and he came with multiple accounts i want refund and  i want to give to the right people, not someone as toxic and scamming as him.

And please ip ban him or i refuse to donate again hes never donated or ever will just a free loader, isnt right to take from someone who supports.

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