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Name of the Rule Breaker: Avoid Great
Rule Broken: Scamming
In-game or Forums: In-Game
Date: 08/09/2021
Proof #1: https://ibb.co/GHZRFmW
Proof #2: https://ibb.co/DtfdWM8
Proof #3: https://ibb.co/y4xKHLx
Private Report (Y/N): N

Other comments: Proof #3 is showing that even a staff member has been scammed by the same guy and no action has been taken. I've personally lent this guy over 400k in random items and he refuses to pay me back when I have finally hit a all time low and have became poor and needed that boost back up to rebuild. The Owner of "Swab" also has asked me to get a screenshot of the logs showing that he has yet to repay us so that in the chances that he is not banned that he will get de-ranked and banned from the clan chat. I know whoever's reading this is probably sitting there thinking that I'm just complaining because I became broke again but if you look at it from every other perspective its like since I've donated it wouldn't be right to dispute the transactions because id just be gaining and not losing. I've trusted multiple people but this guy has been the one who's refusing to pay back lent item's not only to me but to the staff team as well.


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