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  1. Are you implying that a pixel got his drop because he's a mod? Trust me, we don't have boosted rng lmao Nex(t)
  2. -There's no benefit to getting lots of kills -You make no money whilst pking -In order for it to not be a next level grind you have to join a multi clan So what is the purpose of pking? I enjoy pkingbut I do not enjoy the idea of 150 pkp per kill at 126 cb 120 per kill at revs? Or even if it's boosted pkp per kill, additional however much maybe it gets to 150? 150 xp per kill at in deep wild? That's an unbelievable joke. Literally will take you a month to get a max set Can we start to be realistic about pking? edit: Gee, thanks! 29 pkp for killing a cafe shop player 100 times. Very rewarding
  3. no support buy item or borrow from friend not worth coding this and looks like it'd cause more harm than good to economy
  4. There are a lot of updates that can be made to RoatPkz skilling but your arguments aren't very good. A lot of OSRS skilling is the same. Afk chopping trees isn't as good money as things such as bossing. Roat skilling can actually make decent money if you do something like chop magics on an alt.
  5. Sorry, but if you are in Hell you do not get a trading post. Go to Heaven and you will have a trading post.
  6. Fruitiest


    Welcome @melly
  7. Can you elaborate on what you mean by that?
  8. I think Korasi sword would be an interesting item to poll and see how much of the community wants it, maybe for only certain area usage?
  9. There's a good event coming out for the holidays within a few days.
  10. Admins: @Gretar: Release Raids @Smackd: Owner. Racist against us Koreans. @Fantastic: Ty for making thread. First time I've seen your playtime fairly low. @JBLIND: Emeritus. @Khalil: Demon on GIM @Legend™: Never really know how to properly give feedback since you do behind the scenes stuff. Mods: @a pixel v1: Consistently good. @Fruitiest: Was busy with classes this month. Got all 4.0s! @goat: Very active and helps. Impatient with noobs. @Baz: Was a great addition to mod team. Hosts lots of cool events. Server Support: @tom riddle: Did you quit? @Tulrak: Always high play time and helpful for long time. @2 wapens: Haven't seen much lately, different time zones. @YIYO: Good when active but hasn't been active lately. @no name set: Nice and kind. @Chui: Nice and kind. @King Arturia: Very helpful and knowledgeable. Type of dude that helps people even w/o SS rank. @VALENCE: Very helpful. Was a really good SS addition. @Boney Money: Good. Fairly new to team not much to say. @Ya Mama: Good. Fairly new to team not much to say. @babderkun: Nothing bad to say.
  11. Thanks for taking the time to write this. Some say these topics aren't needed anymore, but we do read the feedback and use it.
  12. No support. The clan size just went from 100 to 50. There are times throughout the week where more than one clan has 50/50.
  13. Sounds unnecessary. How many boxes are you buying?
  14. Has been suggested many times. IIRC Gretar doesn't want to give anyone, even admins, the abilities.
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