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  1. very nice idea!
  2. the pwnage is legandary !!!
  3. If you're full inventory it should go to the floor. If you went back and it was gone someone must have looted it, or it despawned. @Gretar Any chance we can refund my man?
  4. It will be added to the drop table and collection log when the update comes.
  5. Post which ones are wrong and what the correct price is?
  6. This list is not accurate.
  7. The update will bring new shops to resource area, so that may make the skiller bag less needed. I'm hesitant to the idea just because it's not already an osrs item. I do think it's a cool item. It makes skilling nicer and more pkp loot if they die for pkers
  8. We do have LGBT and quite a few Muslim staff. If you see a staff member acting in a way that isn't tolerated please file a report.
  9. Staff can see and send messages in help cc while in other clans.
  10. Racist usernames can't be fixed until we have name changes. It would be unfair to not let someone play their account they've had for years because of their username which was allowed at the time. Once Roat can offer name change scrolls there should be a ban on certain words in usernames. If you believe someone is breaking a rule and staff haven't punished them, report them on forums or in a discord ticket.
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