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Roat Pkz Video Competition, Yell ticket winner which is around 100k pkp in-game!


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Hello so i've decided to run a youtube video competition of a pking video and the best vid gets most reactions after i post it will win after i make my decision.

the youtube video should be 5 minutes long and made by someone interested into making one with little bit effort on it to make it cool.

contestants must pm me the video link after it's made and i will repost it to get the most reactions on each and every vid to see who could win A Custom Yell Tag Ticket !

The winner will be awarded eventually after i've made my decision and the videos must be really on something good like a professional pking video , however the judgement will be made by me. 

Enough said. To participate this type of contest you must submit a video before the end of this week in my Forum's Pm and all will be appreciated! So on... There is no actual demands on how the video should be its just a Roat-Pkz competition on who will be the winner of a fresh custom yell tag ticket in-game hosted by me @Chef

Good luck to all participants, and react on this post so i make sure to count you in. 


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