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  1. So apparently many people been having trouble dealing with certain matters could be emotionall or other triggeres that make them do things they are not supposed to do because it is repressed and should be dealt with immediately so you can not act out anymore and cause the other person any time of sad feelings by accident and hurt others spirit and emotion without their consent, so for that matter i rather be doing my best to help with such matter because i'm experienced with lots of stuff and id like to share here some with you. This therapy speaks about talking about what is really bothering you with complete honestly so you dont have to surpress it anymore and let it show again in another way and might be difficult to get rid with, so here let me help you with this. all you have to do is just ask me few questions that comes from top of your mind about this and i will be answering your question very quickly during my availability, so i know its rough for most people and i see through the cursing words and that and it wont seem to stop because somebody might or must be feeling bad about something and no one to talk with about it and probably don't know how to do that. so i'm here to help you with everything with anything i possibly so for this to work you must ask me few required question in this topic regarding to this and if you all are good and having good times then there's no need to post here, but if you are one of the guys that are seeking help someway, i'll be your guy to help you out. so feel free to talk about your situation with me and i will be there with you step by step to get it resolved and put things back to normal. and it wont be an open conversation it can be direct in my pms of discord which is the username is : #CHEF8774 all in capital sensetive letters. If you're one of these who are interested it may be your right place to start asking these few questions that will take us each to the further steps. Tell no one
  2. Good video and good luck on your Youtube Journey
  3. Sure you can it's just a matter of time till gretar realizes your post, @Gretar Here you go and Goodluck on your Youtube Journey
  4. This is probably isnt the right section for this its more of a complaint about players and how weird they are, this been occuring so many times and it haven't changed a person, they keep throwing their items in tp for prices are not even real which is really bothering and waste of time and it takes a while for us to find the right items we want. but with this it's not gonna be even possible and buying it via yell chat's is even more a waste of time. these items should be replaced and fixed into their real prices, and to tell them to set it for the right price it wont even work, so for that i say tp prices should be limited whenever someone wants to put their items, if they are trolling or whatsoever, it can not be tolerated anymore so the solution for this is to shift the tp prices and start coding the tp bit differently and instead of allowing players to set any price of their dreams it can be simply just made as if you can put a price to the highest but it's not gonna be more than the limited price if the other person wishes to sell for the highest price possible and it can vary from the starter price of an item with is the lowest for example ancestral is worth 50k right? and its 30k bhp's so that's kinda fair if bhps were 2-3 each so the price would stay normal as well, don't you think? if you're enjoying and interested into reading this, make sure many others read it as well to make a poll if necessary. so eventually all you can do is just the item for the price it arranges from which is 30-60k and you can not go more beyond than that. If you're trolling make sure to quit and leave your items behind to who really love and enjoy the server, if not, stuff that items somewhere in your face because i wont go any further with you. if i had more powers i would just take it from your account and throw it in the shovel, had enough of this kids, and time to make this little change for me. too as well =] You'r regards from, -Sincerely- ~Chef~ Enough dumb games
  5. Chef

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    Good morning, What interests you in a signature? If you may send me the details of how you want the signature to be then you should. I will see if I have free time to cook something up.
  6. Ocean Wave, Hello, this clan is brand new and it's purposes are for people who enjoy to chill and listen to music, We opened recently and welcome any new players who would like to join us have fun, the clan activities are upon calls, we usually go out for pking rounds and pvm to have more points in the scoreboard and continue to make the most of it all together. If you're willing to join, We welcome you, Just first let us know somethings about you in the application format Greetings Ocean Wave Discord Server Is in the works
  7. Chef

    Hefner showcase

    Very Amazing Job, Id like To see More Of This
  8. ty @Gretar invite me for party irl
  9. u better add this or ima hax yamamahs nice mom @Ya Mama
  10. I had to say that this guy was pain in the ass in my life he never stopped arguing me which is not cool about me for just arguing with them fellas, i didnt know that then but now i do :xo :xo
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