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  1. Dunno hermano, What do you think? Yea guys, I honestly Appreciate your concern, But I have no clue why I'am not already either, Not that I want it so bad it's just that it seemed deserved according to what I contributed to the server.
  2. You finally retired? Sounds like its something I had a vision of before. Baz don't hate on my people
  3. Well at first I feel like saying that staff isn't that good on enough to acquire their position, some of them been so degrading to others and especially to me during the circumstances i've been struggling on this rsps to get my position to be a fairly server support, i know not why i did not receive my rank after i tried everything in my power to achieve it. it seems like that these decisions are made upon a biased judgement. it's completely isn't fair to someone who does their best to make it happen and a random person gets it with even barely trying. according to my knowledge that some of the position holders are faking it till they are making it, which is completely not who i really am. I tried my best to keep it real but there was no reward eventually no matter what i did.
  4. Goodluck fella, that's going to be, you will find out.
  5. It's very basic and simple update to do which possibly allow you to invite players to a clan via command
  6. Single player invite to cc
  7. That wouldn't happen, therefore Pking activity would decrease in majority.
  8. Chef


    Apparently i been part of it and too bad that it isn't anymore.
  9. Chef


    no big deal guys its always been like this
  10. What is the point of this?
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