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  1. What time event will end?
  2. I highly recommend that we should recieve an announcement before the event ends, so we can have time to settle things out and make the market a bit compelling.
  3. Just open the last box and forget about this giveaway, it's pathetic.
  4. I like the song and you have an interesting tiny toe password, I guess i'll spend the day trying to figure it out U GOT THIS shit
  5. I swear you are the best with this shit, keep it so fucking up!
  6. It's actually a good style for pking with gmaul but in-game it performs as a melee weapon due to a random bug and it's supposed to double hit non special attack with good combos so in my fair opinion it should be fixed in this server and perhaps set it for a specific small value of PKP amount in the mazchna store for more interesting game-play mode and quality regarding to the pures zone. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Other ideas popped into my mind such as a vouch poll which I have no clue how to add regarding a new wilderness zone for Pure pkers or something exciting as the OLD jail risk PKing was must be added to help the server expand in much more fun ways and bring the old smell back to the community which would so many players appreciate including me, so Goodluck on this one and I am hoping to see some support on this suggestion, it would be really so cool if it happens! ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Recode the darts and knives issue which doesn't really fit in the characters hand properly and that refers to some neglections overall the community server bases, it would sound more fun if it happens and will definitely be more exciting to use them in the long term and gives the server extra good looking. ~ So basically this is all for now and if you enjoy the wilderness pking as a pure you probably must support this situation for more extra joy and quality to your times that has been serving roatpkz since it was born , Lots more to come if this goes well and hope you enjoy the rest of your days online! Best regards, urBOY Chef..
  7. Someone got tortured earlier.. disliked the song btw omg this is the best content ever, even cooler than jblind vids sometimes and i think you should be a youtuber instead of him!! LOOK at this pimpo @Gretar
  8. Chef


    Not really that’s specific and don’t think 50cent should’ve said all his bullshit but hey who knows how he got through, I guess you just have to be yourself and take a leap of faith..
  9. Show me in your gifted talent what do you think of me as a person and be honest unless you want that gift to go with I dont now.
  10. I like to make fun of bullies and people who actually think their good or whatever and beat the shit out of them. In my kitchen of course...
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