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  1. Chef

    selling blowpipe

    Are you telling me that you don't have a dirty little secret?
  2. Chef

    selling blowpipe

    I knew it would sound like that to you because there's no chance in the earth you will admit it so better just stop trying to put yourself under pressure and respond to me.
  3. Chef

    selling blowpipe

    The hell you wouldn't , a guy like you with privilege is nuts, tell them when you hustle rofl.. I assume when the guards fall asleep.
  4. Chef

    selling blowpipe

    Hey im jbdlinds cousin give me blowpipe first trade and I pay you next month once i get my paycheck?
  5. Chef

    Pk on vid

    Why staff is kinda picky about talking to other members? Uwotm8 gimmi attention pls why such boring
  6. Chef

    Pyd project

    Thanks all for participating pyp doesn’t even mind himself he is not using it either way.
  7. Chef

    Trespassing personal privacy

    Not any of your businnesss.
  8. Chef

    Trespassing personal privacy

    Oh so he is playing bad cop when the guards sleep? Ic the facts confuse your vision you were born illegally that's why you see it that way.
  9. Chef

    Trespassing personal privacy

    You just banned the player for your own mistake and clearly your not alright, you can't just punish others for it learn to accept the facts of you losing. And you don't have to understand because you don't see it that way you haven't figured out what you have done, are you heartless?
  10. I don't get it right , let me understand did @Fantastic go not eliminated and sleepy to wilderness to take pictures for @Gretar to post it in Facebook?, even tho we all know that the Facebook site is currently avoided and the last post was by august 31 and the previous by July 8, Is this a joke? I understand that Gretar lets you deal with your own issues because it happen out there but did you expect from the crowd to buy your joke @Fantastic? Why so serious?, You can't just stop the earth by flipping and capture a moment then go back to it and fix your mess ups that simple, that's over reacting during trespassing to other personal properties and you trespassed the other player rights and dignity to feed your stomach again by doing a stupid mistake which you should've been awake since the second you thought to step into wilderness and kept your cautious with you meanwhile you're in the risk zone, you can not use your privilege to blame others for your stupid mistakes and you offended @Faifo deeply in his feelings and that must been awful and a hard moment for him to recognize what is going around him, that is unacceptable to treat your community that way they're not dogs or animals, they are human beings with hearts which can be harmed by people like you, what a monster! , all of this happened because of a Runescape private server , you don't have any clue about privacy. Its just an item you can't act according to your mood whether you like it or not you can not avoid losing and act like you don't lose, there's no way someone alive who can't lose its the way it lets you grow if you decide to, but you just thought you could handle it the easier way huh?, c'mon you don't wanna go there to the dark valley, get rid of your over self confidence and let it go, take a deep breathe and accept what happened , if you don't have a good heart intentions then I have no clue how you deserved that rank.
  11. Chef

    Unbanned :)

    Welcome back now please don't get upset again on noobs
  12. Chef

    Pk on vid

    Very decent Pking video keep it up its the only thing you're good at.
  13. Chef


    I was involved gathering few subscribes to you, Where's my cut? IGN : Chef
  14. Chef


    It seems hard for him to disconnect his sensitive feelings by side and manage to deal with others by a fair reaction due the situation. @Gretar
  15. Chef

    Staff Feedback - October 2018

    All by myself lmao leave any corrections in my private message I would appreciate it.