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  1. Make clans can have a perk that you enable permanently for a fair share of PKP to pin several announcements when you enter the clan, for example, Welcome to Purge Clan, make sure to be active and attend all events for ranks. Join clan discord.gg/Purge, etc. Would be easier and fun thing to have , You're gay if you disagree.
  2. Here's an idea for X-mas event if there's going to be one! I although noticed that on every holiday event there would be pets as the main source of the event. Probably it's time for a new change and add a new Custom in-game which is called a " Dragon Santa Hat " that is darker than the red usual current Santa hat we already have going on. The amount of this new custom should be very limited while implementing into the server, begin from 0 to 15. No more than that at all. Make it a very rare item that you could get from the Huge X-mas Mystery Box and for a very reasonable price. Shouldn't be more than 400-500k PK Point of Worth. Please let me know what you do think of this idea. And hopefully there's better yet to come! Have a nice day and enjoy your journey on RoatPkz. Sincere regards from, Chef
  3. Mhmhmmm I will use this guide whenever I play ping pong!
  4. Maybe this had been suggested before , not sure. But I think it would be proper to allow players to set a Bounty target at someone with any price they wish to, so Hunters can follow the foot prints or lead to demolish the Target for a Prize that opponent has already set. Just a cool idea that will bring more fun and content to the deep wilderness
  5. Chef


    That will not ever happen since the contestants have no clue who the players bet on so everybody will try their best to win just incase there is Wager's on them.
  6. Chef


    Make it that you can set wagers on tournament players
  7. Id love torva but think that'll be very very massive tank gear for the wilderness and you'll never die if you could afford it with elysian spirit shield.
  8. Support. I don't see why this isn't polled already. @Gretar @Fantastic @Smackd @JBLIND @Khalil @Baz
  9. Ahh right true. my fault. But still don't see a valid reason for why it shouldn't enter the game and at least beta test it before implementing into the server.
  10. It's already rare even if he gives out to few more people. There's no many veterans in the server anymore that still plays and the active ones eating bs all over the roatpkz.
  11. I agree, But then maybe he should do it by himself if that's the case and apparently it's not much trouble since Veteran Players are only limited rate. So there won't be like constant rank updates. Please make sure he receives this message and eventually it's only fair for us. @GretarPimp it out dog
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