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  1. Or at least make the ::dice command teleports you instantly to the dicing zone, for now at least.
  2. Please re-locate the dicing territory back to castle-wars so we can host Black-jack and 55x2 because its more challenging to host at the current gambling location and definitely make it less hard to find gamblers overall. or at least make the dicing option allowed in not just one specific area at the gambling zone, instead make it everywhere just like flower poker! @Gretar Hope you please consider this! Greetings from, ~Chef
  3. Very sick update! Goodluck to everyone with the race.
  4. So many damn pics fam but gg
  5. When can I get my veteran rank on forums? sir

  6. Super special work you got up there g, happy for you. Keep it up though
  7. Fix the donating website. more likely add few other options and current rates for PKP + Dps since we pretty much donate more often or would like to but find it hard to sell most of the items in-game which could cause up to frustration then end up cutting loose of the rewards. Speaking from experiences.
  8. Mnameis Jeff 2nd : hmm World's Ass Kicker My favorite activity is flame the boss
  9. shall I join? pls rank
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