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  1. Someone got tortured earlier.. disliked the song btw omg this is the best content ever, even cooler than jblind vids sometimes and i think you should be a youtuber instead of him!! LOOK at this pimpo @Gretar
  2. Chef


    Not really that’s specific and don’t think 50cent should’ve said all his bullshit but hey who knows how he got through, I guess you just have to be yourself and take a leap of faith..
  3. Show me in your gifted talent what do you think of me as a person and be honest unless you want that gift to go with I dont now.
  4. I like to make fun of bullies and people who actually think their good or whatever and beat the shit out of them. In my kitchen of course...
  5. There is a reason why it’s called zamp so live with it bro
  6. Chef


    Okay lol I won’t go any further wit your boring ass hence I know staff will delete my replies when they are embarrassed and also if you weren’t you would ‘t reply to any of my cringe topics unless your finna trying to defend yourself which is complete ego. i am braindead btw Ty bro glad to see some self improvement and letting go of a little bit of hatred since last time we met. goodlux wit more i salute u
  7. Chef


    Ops it looks like I did step on a fucking nerve didn’t I? Go sue me bitch
  8. Chef


    I understand your point but no black rapper could be eminem too, just saying and no it ain’t me brother. I wish having this upcoming talented rappers courage though, it’s a key for the dreams door if you know what i mean You’re so tasteful mate. Uhh lol what did arabs do to your nerdy face mate stop being racist it’s not you who acting like this cuz you’re a cool person within so stop letting your ego get on ur way just to impress others while you still have the advantage of that rank. Hoe can delete when ur no longer welcomed in the staff prison?
  9. Chef


    Sure suit yourself , but you're definitely going to miss lots of fun later
  10. Chef


    Rate this savage song 0/10 and in words described if possible such as *Badass* Etc.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OQLldbOQ2r0
  11. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OQLldbOQ2r0
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