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  1. Chef


    I felt like doing some desktop backgrounds, If you are interesting in making your own Desktop background fill the required format. The background you desire: Any text you would like added: Any other symbols you want it to include: Payment: Pre work case: And it can get much more interesting, Please fill in the blanks to get your project started. You can take a picture from the game in your favorite place and outfit. For admins you can take a picture in your favorite place with npc on to snap a decent pic and get it to the workshop.
  2. k ur retards i cant help it i spent 2-3 hours on this and ur in a bad mood
  3. Chef

    fun time

    you should look at the star next to my name it disappared! a bear just ate it
  4. chest is nice but i miss the old red keys it were better anyway, i hope he do that and not burst his ass off to provide better content for the players. they are not even doing 1% percent of them off. best solution to this is to close game suggestions and other suggestions that let other players vent and kill gretar big dreams and his peace of mind. @Gretar
  5. Look let me help you with something. all this side content ideas are just it. gretar is main focus to make the server better than anyone so his aiming up higher, so far roatpkz has achieved many success and came close to osrs with flawless server and bug free, if anything it will become like rs3 with high quality so that's what he is aiming to provide a better quality server with more sucess rates but roatpkz had it difficult im just writing not every word is correct but think bigger if u were in his shoes u wouldnt focus on doing side things like this and ur mind is free, he is taking long to add korasi so what do u think he would be making? if he is procrastinating so much then he means he is willing to do so much but then u cant overwhelm urself with that and do it with 1 day, so he is obviously failing, but take a look back how the server were and now. its kinda broken, i hope he finds the thing that binds it and close this painy ass hole, @Gretar do u agree of this? hope to know
  6. ah you should see me there as skquid or something, green donator rank i guess it was super donator rank it was pleasure
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