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  1. It should be fixed now.
  2. Nice guide. will be useful to many new players, thank you.
  3. Usually it's automatic if your forums name linked with Ign name (Supposedly) might take up some time to give you your forums rank I didnt receive mine in 3 days when i had it, so be patient till gretar see's it
  4. If you wish to accomplish 99 in one skill then we can help you! Service Available for 1 skill at a time from any level to 99 Prices: 500K easy skill 750K Difficulty level (Medium) 1M Like thieving 1250K [Hard] Like slayer Feel free to send me a message if you are satisfied with the prices, Trade can be done through middleman, Ingame name: Chef
  5. Great staff with great input in hours and activity. fear nothing the players will always find an active staff to assist
  6. Swab closed only 4 key ranks left, ty for max sets
  7. Hemmi owner, l0000l sit @Smackd Gretar bad owner doesn't even fix moderator rank on forums for his staff, sit dog
  8. It's not causing beef, but roatpkz players are like baby minded people they are rich and cba to pvm so they make it lifetime job to annoy pvmers who are actually poor and need the pkp
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