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    Attention seek
  3. Chef

    smackd is a lyre

    Smackdick is Johnnyblind.
  4. Chef

    Who am I

    6 9
  5. Chef

    How To Get Infernal Cape > Easily

    It wasn't easy you were surprised. O M G Gz
  6. Chef

    opinion question

    In my opinion youtube ranks are thirsty for grinders, Never look back mane.
  7. Chef

    Retiring for now.

    F word for fans.
  8. Chef

    Retiring for now.

    Never asked but forgive me if am attractive.
  9. Chef

    Retiring for now.

    You guys didn't have to give me attention because I never asked, but eh whatever, Laters.
  10. Chef

    Retiring for now.

    Good luck there's eyes on you.
  11. Chef

    Retiring for now.

    I am aware that my positive intentions are at the end of journey I will no longer provide goodness to this platform as long it keeps going for waste and that is sad but true in that case I will take a break off during my lifetime because it has more value than spending it here for nothing until I see some reconsideration from the other side or at least very few attention from the biggest chairman which I never seen yet so far according to my good intentions for this show all I wanted is to give what nobody can provide else than me and that's a big loss for this community they always deserve better so do I, During the time in my vision there's much shorten intentions toward the players and that is fucked up basically we deserve to ask for our rights but sadly nobody from the authority is giving enough attention to the %1 goodness around here so I will not keep pushing further until the day has come when roatpkz would tear apart on the wrong hands so yeah the closure is clear and I won't stay attracting people and give them hope for the best because sincerely if the owner doesn't care why should I?, I must thank everyone for every single lesson I learned on here and the great people I've met and I hate to leave but whatever it is what is it am not looking for headache only, Happy new year to everyone and I hope to see more good intentions and reconsideration about me.. Goodbye Roatpkers looking forward to be a great and fit able leader in no time.
  12. Chef

    Roatpkz must change!

    You didn't have to justify the platform randomly and there are people who very hardly try to make differences on this website but the worse thing is that we keep kicking the best possibilities of change what can I say more.. Reconsidering me in the staff table should be a positive step forward due to complete the server somehow everything will be seen during the time, Wish you guys a great new year and new personalities.
  13. Chef

    2 Suggestions

    Means it should work smoothly whenever or whatever you equip as a weapon.
  14. Chef

    Roatpkz must change!

    You’re fuckin’ realist mane, couldn’t agree less with you but am simply on the 1% side affect.