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  1. Fix the donating website. more likely add few other options and current rates for PKP + Dps since we pretty much donate more often or would like to but find it hard to sell most of the items in-game which could cause up to frustration then end up cutting loose of the rewards. Speaking from experiences.
  2. Mnameis Jeff 2nd : hmm World's Ass Kicker My favorite activity is flame the boss
  3. shall I join? pls rank
  4. Dicing zone is currently dead at such performance , I highly recommend to add another option under the flower poker matches.. plus add Blackjack option or re-move the dicing back to ::CW or other specific areas. if not at least make it free at ::gambling since its such a hard trick to move others to its current location.
  5. Create a store that works with specific currency which includes all of them customs and more.. Don't make the prices so fucking high probs make a blood money store. ty goodluck
  6. Heey, Thanks for your input it's pretty much more useful than whatever I ever heard from your chickens . Big time I owe you for this shit because it's the only thing making sense haha foreal though... Handling out them fire crackers in the jungle became too common now and I don't find a spot for me otherwise becaause honestly I am done rebuilding on such dead end. Therefore I can not take more risks and sacrifices on here well I mean there's plenty of opportunities out there for me in real life stored and lots of people would love to invest in me hopefully. Roatpkz is my last concern when it comes to my personal interest and certain as hell that I can live and move forward without this madness. All I intended for was you most probably know my friend X, I'm here for a mission but don't seem to be reliable or anything related to satisfactory.. So I truly am working on letting go of every attachment not that i don't like the server but it feels like they owe me big time and there's nowhere to collect. Wish all of you the best I fucking Retire this gamez0r from long time ago. Kthxnbai ;) :* b7bk G don't have to be like old times world has changed so have I. Tuda rubah for you. Slapthemformepleasee1.
  7. You clearly dont follow what i've said but my whole point is not to code the caves in your mind more likely to make a splash and finna wanna touch something real.
  8. Bro lmfao have a nice day already stop buzzing l0l don't you got anything better to do than literally wasting time commenting on my topic?
  9. No bro I haven't developed any anger department for you hence not worthy of my time, ask Ice cube about me. I spit lava. Goodluck with yourday hopefully I was a bit helpful boosting your mood up ;0
  10. ok suit yourself then stop trying to earn my attention cuz from here now on it basically stops. Kthxnbai
  11. Wym ass licking the staff to get staff? this isn't even funny but i came to an realization that you're stupid or literally brain damaged like anyone who doesn't watch the words coming out from his mouth. Unbelievable you're such a distraction and your battery is dead I can sense. which explains all the boredom you're going through lmfao. Who's laughing now? Fishes already coughing or what? Goodbye it appears i'ma choose to stand up for myself and send one more 11th Application since nearly 2018. Thanks for sharing and caring
  12. Well at least most of it. But nonetheless during my playtime in such a long term here could've built up for at least some appreciation in return. Now i am left with empty hands after I literally experienced everything possible on this server and there's literally nothing much left for me to do Rather than becoming one of the Server-Supporters to help increase its Energy flow and be there to Support Players when necessary and obliviously the Server As well. To my fullest potential I seek and if there's no guarantee for me to become one piece of this puzzle then it's really pointless to continue doing what does not completely serve my higher purposes in the universe. I would really like to Discuss this matter with any qualified Staff-Members to put an end to and move on with a closure! I would really love to hear forward from anyone of you about the reasons why I can't be a part of this community as an Officially Helper and Moderator before I send another wasteless Applications after many. Ranks I should be having at this point and believe that am specifically fit able after the long term service and the sacrifices I've done for this to become a Reality are Server-Supporter at least for (Trial) and abilities to move forward with its required duty to the fullest and maximum potentials, Hence decision should be made from the one whom is responsible and permit me to have this Power so I can use positively to impact the server and people's Heart. Plus it really gives me a motivation to stick around for much longer hours because I have lots of extra time that I could share to benefit the world. Most of my energy will flow here apparently. Dependable on results. Other ranks I should be handed out is just simply a Veteran Rank on this Platform. No Discussion and Please no Laziness either ways I have nothing else to accomplish on this reality and I would really appreciate and enjoy the concern from my people I look up to and learned so much from during this Eid. Lol @Gretar @Fantastic @Smackd @JBLIND @Ban152 @Gied4life @Tulrak @goat @Fruitiest. Please make the right vouch for me and upgrade my situation for the better result, I can help and assist all one of you and as much as possible to Fulfill the gaps perfectly. I hope this topic gets under consideration and would totally appreciate some cooperation before i Flee away from this life. Thanks for caring and reading this, Wish you enjoyed and appreciated my concerns. I would love to move forward and help create / build something with the community. Goodluck to every Candidate & have a nice and peaceful long lasting periods...! Such A Blessing! Please Miracles! Tuda Rabah! Best sincere lovely and kindness regard to the staff team for everything they have and has done so far, Looking forward to be part of this and help push and aspire the clan to do better CHEF.com Yo btw I spend hours on other account randomly. Feel free to check and ask any topic related questions in my PM!
  13. Not necessary. Other valuable items could be added to the store. Shops must be re-created and organized from the scratch again and fewer items should be removed / added. Expanding the grand exchange if you know what I mean.. Items from donator store / Minigaming and else should be more available and crowded. plus I recommend Pest Control Tokens personally for such great content and can add quality to the server by doing what's above here. ^ step by step we can reincarnate Roatpkz Like nowhere else. Other recommendations for Special-Minigames ? Make sure to post it below here and show the supprt and love needed. Ty. Like what the fucking point in having a rainbow partyhat in voting store with the same value as infenral capes? huh.. please remove that stupid idea, start merging the stores from scratch and re-organize it properly, I can come up with a list if wanted and fix the store. @Gretar
  14. Well there's a few recommendations are so worthy here and may progress the server and turn it more joyful according to these plans and new constant updates. My suggestion is keep them updates more coming non stop, Fix all bugs possible and take care of the community by showing love and respect on their topics because We All Matter eventually. Right G? @Gretar
  15. Debate the range price for Infenral Capes and set them at ease. Was thinking probably like 120-185k or someway around that fits with the most players, or at least raise its price to like one million but disable the untradeable system therefore it should be easier to get and more abilities to use them for merchanting and control its price range in the market properly. More Ideas Soon! Best regards ~Chef
  16. Best deal ever I appreciate the concern for debating the prices and cost of rarely used items anymore such as Dice bag it's very uncommon lately so I would also re-create it and adding to it more benefits like " BlackJack Option" should be taken into consideration asap because I probs rollback to wherever I was Enjoying best ;) Goodluck with the fresh start always a blessing to be here on roatpkz alive :P
  17. Not gonna get into there mate you have to wake up =] go up not down.
  18. Good song I like it just on time fits with your clips btw though.
  19. Good response mate, Help me to Help you Okay? I have nothing else further to say to you all.. Its just karma taking over buddyies. Can call me Jesus Chef
  20. Appreciate the honest feedback mister Talk with you soon. I have the power to become a great Server Supporter Wanna try me for a second? Been doing unseen efforts my whole entire life on roatpkz mostly and did not come ideal so I had to go beyond outside the box a little bit and see what happens. Looking forward to see some cooperation in the near future mates @Fantastic
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