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  1. He usually blow some steam when bored as fuck, so no support for demoting someone who’s trying to have some fun.
  2. Chef


    2pac - do for love is on my mind brother, maybe is whatchu need
  3. Fucking machine bro, idk what was i thinking using ely for mage and arcane with range :s
  4. Not a bad video at all, and having a background music is decent for a good content, take it easy and hopefully your gretars blessing will be in your favor anytime soon Keep it up!
  5. Snoop dogg says so just chill until the next episode.. Anyway did you mention my name on this topic?
  6. 13k sold? Rofl liked the signature btw, very accurate since you guys sit on my lap daily =]
  7. @SmackdCould you remove all of this nonsense spam from the suggestions thread please? @Gied4life
  8. Stake / Gamble Customs, Pm Me In-Game!

  9. Appreciate the input, But it's literally more high quality for the gamblers, not innactive or skiller players!
  10. Is there any reason for that no or it's just because you're not supporting the server anymore? Either way, you're inactive and I don't think you look out for the server anymore.
  11. I have few thoughts to share and probably gretar should reflect on them for the long term.. *Add Custom Briefcases To The Dontor Store Or Somewhere Else Not Worth 100k$! *Since We Have Few Useless Commands Such As ::CW / ::FP / ::DICE Leading To The Same Hole... There Should Rather Be A Specific Unique Dice Zone For All The Gamblers! ( Named after me =], ::Kitchen , Could be on lumbridge..) *Add Uber Rank For The Players Who Has 1K$+ In Total Donations With Extra Benefits! *Add BlackJack Option On The Dice Bag And Increase The Value Of It! *Add Hot / Cold And Other Random Gambling Options To The Seed Quality! * Add few 5-10K Pets Worth To The Donator Store! * Add Toxic Zone For Beggers And Lock Them In A Stupid Box :@# KTHXNBAI Ur Love CHEF
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    Hd mode.

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  14. You seem very serious, relax you don't have to hate me this much okay?
  15. As you want mate..
  16. It doesn't matter since you will only get drained on deep wilderness but meanwhile you go back to the safe zone and restore your kit, you wouldn't notice how fast it charges, so perhaps spend more time training your agility or just use stamina potions.
  17. I agree. What do you think about the new skilling cape the ones which look like max capes, I believe they should be added to the SKP store but could cost a bit expensive and should be wield on 500m EXP, In my fair opinion that will be a highly massive motivation for the skillers to keep loving what they are doing and gives em more purposes after all, would be fun and competitive don't you agree?
  18. Pointless comment , next time swallow it. Since when you're in tune with gretar steps?
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