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  1. Don't mind him mate he is reflecting what his dad tells him when he see him playing roatpkz
  2. Omg lol don't compare me to others and stop being delusional cuz u wotm8
  3. Looks like my student got better in wording but am not here to touch anything dirty so please let me grind in peace.
  4. I don't see the rules including that, so unfortunately I couldn't get it. Plus I made your wishes come true and made you speak like a triggered whale don't mind thanking me
  5. plz pkp

    1. nibelung



      what this comes to?


    2. Isaiah


      you have 2 sub first!!!1

    3. Chef


      guys jlbind skammed my for pkp so plz share sum

  6. Contact @Gretar for fast recovery.
  7. How are my boys doin'?

    1. shootin star

      shootin star

      What’s good my man!

    2. Chef


      Surviving in the fittest doug, Howdy naked butt doin'?

  8. Thank you Jordan!, Have a blessed day making contact with your bed wrap.
  9. Good feature it would be so benificial of favors to the pkers, Keep your thoughts on the board.
  10. It’s peace for fucxers when chef is way beyond observation.

  11. Roat Fuckers.Com

  12. Chef


    Attention seek
  13. Chef

    smackd is a lyre

    Smackdick is Johnnyblind.
  14. It wasn't easy you were surprised. O M G Gz
  15. In my opinion youtube ranks are thirsty for grinders, Never look back mane.
  16. Chef

    Retiring for now.

    F word for fans.
  17. Chef

    Retiring for now.

    Never asked but forgive me if am attractive.
  18. Chef

    Retiring for now.

    You guys didn't have to give me attention because I never asked, but eh whatever, Laters.
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