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  1. Hello Fellow Players, I would like to Thank everyone that has been involved in my Roatpkz Journey, It was kind of a hella Road with lots of love been shared and however conflicts and complex that had to happen during my way out Whatsoever, I am so grateful for everything in this phase of my life and everything that has happened for a bigger cause or reasons. But however nonetheless there has been many friends and connections around that taught me lots of things from different areas and perspectives, I am really so grateful for whatever has happened because I believe there's something bigger than us are always about to happen anytime soon which requires me being in this Phase and Roatpkz Journey for the best outcome, It's really important to get through this and I hope you all are enjoying your times with the blessings of Gretar, The one of greatest creators in this generations History, He is the real deal, I hope y'all show some respect and gratitude for his hard work and long term efforts! Special thanks to him and his Crew who always been taking care of this server from the bottom of heart, They deserve some credit too, well At least most of them , Everything is alright and Will be better within the time just take care and be patience for what you deserve, Your times will Come as well, Hopefully with Gods permission!.. Keep your heads up no matter what. Special thanks to my Friends and People around me who had an impact on my life starting from a person that is named Sander, Which is usernames currently called [ @Heat ], I respect this G, Uhm @Persona was a standup Dude that I really liked and enjoyed talking to even though he didn't show much respect but guess he was a Cold Mfer, respect and cheer up Sir! ,The @goat is really a nice guy and you should look up to! His very important in this Journey , Always been And Always Will, God Bless sir!. and like usual tell your noisy little nephew cutie I said Hi. [ NiGGa LiPs , @Shootin star , @notcoolbro , @YAYA toure, @[email protected] streaking , @Noodle bean , @Lehe X D , @Dark Core, @fanboyeee, [Say Bye To Fewb BTW], @Supervaras, @shinobedrill [ Reach out to him if possible and say Hi , Thanks for everything] , @[email protected] king, @Gretar & The freed @Sly, @instajoshi69God bless you, @HASHAM V2Respect to you my nigga, RESPECT! blessings on your ways AMEN!, My brother @Misanthropic, The Legendary Davidoff @Ban152 Gracias Amigo, @FenomBeen ages I hope that you still remember me :l , @SneakRfor whatever you did, mostly being kind is enough sir! gracias for all, @Dark man [email protected] man dk Goodluck homie, rest well, @JesusChrist on you, @kingpakiwhatever bro, @SuorTake care of your wet pussi m8 cuz u never wot, @PontusMan of the hour!, respekt to y'all mfers,.. @UngratefulWell you should be sometimes, watch and learn wussi!, @1 slapDat ass broski!, @friendly catWho let the dogs out? , @king mahanLegend! .. @soul graver , very touchy. , @Fruitest suck some strawberries to chill, @OP SHACKO You are someone who I would be proud calling a friend, Friend! , @SmackdJblindsAss! , @Fantasticsex, . Whoever else been a part of this trip, It was morely fun and respect to everyone who I has mentioned and to the others who I didn't, for what it's worth, I had some really great times and it was because of who you are my friends, Thanks for your time and everything we had been through, Things will be better and keep your heads up, so grateful for this moment! Take good care of yourselves! Peace and Goodluck to the Rest Of Your Ways... Till Next Time, Sincere Regards from ~ Chef
  2. What time event will end?
  3. I highly recommend that we should recieve an announcement before the event ends, so we can have time to settle things out and make the market a bit compelling.
  4. Just open the last box and forget about this giveaway, it's pathetic.
  5. I like the song and you have an interesting tiny toe password, I guess i'll spend the day trying to figure it out U GOT THIS shit
  6. I swear you are the best with this shit, keep it so fucking up!
  7. It's actually a good style for pking with gmaul but in-game it performs as a melee weapon due to a random bug and it's supposed to double hit non special attack with good combos so in my fair opinion it should be fixed in this server and perhaps set it for a specific small value of PKP amount in the mazchna store for more interesting game-play mode and quality regarding to the pures zone. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Other ideas popped into my mind such as a vouch poll which I have no clue how to add regarding a new wilderness zone for Pure pkers or something exciting as the OLD jail risk PKing was must be added to help the server expand in much more fun ways and bring the old smell back to the community which would so many players appreciate including me, so Goodluck on this one and I am hoping to see some support on this suggestion, it would be really so cool if it happens! ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Recode the darts and knives issue which doesn't really fit in the characters hand properly and that refers to some neglections overall the community server bases, it would sound more fun if it happens and will definitely be more exciting to use them in the long term and gives the server extra good looking. ~ So basically this is all for now and if you enjoy the wilderness pking as a pure you probably must support this situation for more extra joy and quality to your times that has been serving roatpkz since it was born , Lots more to come if this goes well and hope you enjoy the rest of your days online! Best regards, urBOY Chef..
  8. Someone got tortured earlier.. disliked the song btw omg this is the best content ever, even cooler than jblind vids sometimes and i think you should be a youtuber instead of him!! LOOK at this pimpo @Gretar
  9. Chef


    Not really that’s specific and don’t think 50cent should’ve said all his bullshit but hey who knows how he got through, I guess you just have to be yourself and take a leap of faith..
  10. Show me in your gifted talent what do you think of me as a person and be honest unless you want that gift to go with I dont now.
  11. I like to make fun of bullies and people who actually think their good or whatever and beat the shit out of them. In my kitchen of course...
  12. There is a reason why it’s called zamp so live with it bro
  13. Chef


    Okay lol I won’t go any further wit your boring ass hence I know staff will delete my replies when they are embarrassed and also if you weren’t you would ‘t reply to any of my cringe topics unless your finna trying to defend yourself which is complete ego. i am braindead btw Ty bro glad to see some self improvement and letting go of a little bit of hatred since last time we met. goodlux wit more i salute u
  14. Chef


    Ops it looks like I did step on a fucking nerve didn’t I? Go sue me bitch
  15. Chef


    I understand your point but no black rapper could be eminem too, just saying and no it ain’t me brother. I wish having this upcoming talented rappers courage though, it’s a key for the dreams door if you know what i mean You’re so tasteful mate. Uhh lol what did arabs do to your nerdy face mate stop being racist it’s not you who acting like this cuz you’re a cool person within so stop letting your ego get on ur way just to impress others while you still have the advantage of that rank. Hoe can delete when ur no longer welcomed in the staff prison?
  16. Chef


    Sure suit yourself , but you're definitely going to miss lots of fun later
  17. Chef


    Rate this savage song 0/10 and in words described if possible such as *Badass* Etc.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OQLldbOQ2r0
  18. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OQLldbOQ2r0
  19. He usually blow some steam when bored as fuck, so no support for demoting someone who’s trying to have some fun.
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