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    Snoop Dogg - Go Away
  2. Chef


    K stop spamming please cause i can't help ignoring you, feelsbad bro
  3. Chef


    How bout we move this to discussion section? Seems to be more important
  4. Chef


    Bro seriously stahp this you will get us really banned, Dont say me didn't warn!
  5. Fabulous bro, looking towards more Minigaming options.
  6. Chef


    no guys chill
  7. Chef

    They Wont Let Me Out!

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BTU9Pj9xQbc Thoughts and Opinions?
  8. Chef

    Back at it again :D

    Somebody came to take over roatpkz pixies.
  9. Yup bro all this forums is yours and you know where to stuff it, so don't try to grab my attention next time cause you wont get it , go play with your friends immediately.
  10. Saying the Truth will make you lose lots of friends and connections, But will put the Real players in your Path.

    Stay G'D Up!

  11. Hello Fellow Players, I would like to Thank everyone that has been involved in my Roatpkz Journey, It was kind of a hella Road with lots of love been shared and however conflicts and complex that had to happen during my way out Whatsoever, I am so grateful for everything in this phase of my life and everything that has happened for a bigger cause or reasons. But however nonetheless there has been many friends and connections around that taught me lots of things from different areas and perspectives, I am really so grateful for whatever has happened because I believe there's something bigger than us are always about to happen anytime soon which requires me being in this Phase and Roatpkz Journey for the best outcome, It's really important to get through this and I hope you all are enjoying your times with the blessings of Gretar, The one of greatest creators in this generations History, He is the real deal, I hope y'all show some respect and gratitude for his hard work and long term efforts! Special thanks to him and his Crew who always been taking care of this server from the bottom of heart, They deserve some credit too, well At least most of them , Everything is alright and Will be better within the time just take care and be patience for what you deserve, Your times will Come as well, Hopefully with Gods permission!.. Keep your heads up no matter what. Special thanks to my Friends and People around me who had an impact on my life starting from a person that is named Sander, Which is usernames currently called [ @Heat ], I respect this G, Uhm @Persona was a standup Dude that I really liked and enjoyed talking to even though he didn't show much respect but guess he was a Cold Mfer, respect and cheer up Sir! ,The @goat is really a nice guy and you should look up to! His very important in this Journey , Always been And Always Will, God Bless sir!. and like usual tell your noisy little nephew cutie I said Hi. [ NiGGa LiPs , @Shootin star , @notcoolbro , @YAYA toure, @[email protected] streaking , @Noodle bean , @Lehe X D , @Dark Core, @fanboyeee, [Say Bye To Fewb BTW], @Supervaras, @shinobedrill [ Reach out to him if possible and say Hi , Thanks for everything] , @[email protected] king, @Gretar & The freed @Sly, @instajoshi69God bless you, @HASHAM V2Respect to you my nigga, RESPECT! blessings on your ways AMEN!, My brother @Misanthropic, The Legendary Davidoff @Ban152 Gracias Amigo, @FenomBeen ages I hope that you still remember me :l , @SneakRfor whatever you did, mostly being kind is enough sir! gracias for all, @Dark man [email protected] man dk Goodluck homie, rest well, @JesusChrist on you, @kingpakiwhatever bro, @SuorTake care of your wet pussi m8 cuz u never wot, @PontusMan of the hour!, respekt to y'all mfers,.. @UngratefulWell you should be sometimes, watch and learn wussi!, @1 slapDat ass broski!, @friendly catWho let the dogs out? , @king mahanLegend! .. @soul graver , very touchy. , @Fruitest suck some strawberries to chill, @OP SHACKO You are someone who I would be proud calling a friend, Friend! , @SmackdJblindsAss! , @Fantasticsex, . Whoever else been a part of this trip, It was morely fun and respect to everyone who I has mentioned and to the others who I didn't, for what it's worth, I had some really great times and it was because of who you are my friends, Thanks for your time and everything we had been through, Things will be better and keep your heads up, so grateful for this moment! Take good care of yourselves! Peace and Goodluck to the Rest Of Your Ways... Till Next Time, Sincere Regards from ~ Chef
  12. What time event will end?
  13. I highly recommend that we should recieve an announcement before the event ends, so we can have time to settle things out and make the market a bit compelling.
  14. Just open the last box and forget about this giveaway, it's pathetic.
  15. I like the song and you have an interesting tiny toe password, I guess i'll spend the day trying to figure it out U GOT THIS shit
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