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[Fix] Webclient - Application Blocked

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Hello fellow players, Many of you are probably wondering why the webclient won't work for you. Usually you'll get an error saying "Application Blocked by Security Settings", followed by "The application cannot be run". Well, I've created a simple fix for you guys to help you out, for those of whom would like to use the webclient.


First of all, the error I'm speaking of will be shown below.


Following this, you usually receive another pop-up. This is also shown below for convenience.


To fix this error, go to the Start Menu and search for "Configure Java", as shown below.


Once you have opened the Java Control Panel, select the Security tab. This is shown below.


Now, the following process can be resolved in two different ways. I will list both methods and you may choose which method you would like to follow based on your security preferences. Please note that both methods have been tested for convenience.

Method #1: Manually Adding The Blocked Application Sites

While in the Security tab of the Java Control Panel, select "Edit Site List. . ."  towards the bottom of the panel.


Doing so will open the Exception Site List menu. Select "Add" and copy/paste the following site URL to allow access.

As the RoatPkz website is not recognized as a secure website, you may receive a Security Warning when adding it to the exception list. Simply click "Continue" to add the site to the list. After both sites have been added, click "OK" on both the Exception Site List and Java Control Panel to proceed. Images are shown below for convenience.



Method #2: Lowering Security Level & Restoring Security Prompts

Select "Medium" from the Security Level selection. Once you have done so, select "Restore Security Prompts". You will followed by a confirmation window. Select "Restore All" from the confirmation window. After you have done that, select "Apply" on the Java Control Panel.  Doing so will allow applications to be run, but at the cost of medium security from applications. Method #1 is recommended although based on your preference, you may decide otherwise.



If issues persist after following either method, let me know via in-game or PM me and I will work towards a resolution. Thank you for your time and consideration in viewing this guide. I hope this aids in your adventures and allows you to proceed playing the game.

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