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  1. 7 minutes ago, Smackd said:

    He’ll just delete his comment before I get to see it anyways 

    Fuck yourself buddy 

    @JBLIND thoughts 

    1 more word and I’ll have Jblind take care of you again bmt 

    Looks like you are more experienced with fucking the self so how about you teach me some tips that worked with you the best? ❤️

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  2. Earlier today I was checking my previous experiences on roatpkz journey and in fact it was wonderful and always had been no matter how dicky I was but still proud of that and PS don’t test me cause I might got worse.. So anyway I will give an opportunity to each one of you to share the beautiful energy from the past experiences under this topic and hopefully make fun out of it 🙂

    Have a good day..

  3. Perhaps take some evidence of the layers and previous projects you have made if possible so that others may never doubt your ability again , and other than that you have some unique style which am not really into but to be frequently honest you are great at what you do.

  4. @Gretar Should be giving more attention to his important players cause without them what roatpkz is? either you promote someone to manage forums properly or shut it down because lack of disrespecting the players rights.

    I vouch for you sinister we surely had great times on 2k12-13 at the 1k kills portal or something, and that gathering with @b  a  t or whatever his name now could vouch too and unfortunately neither of you could remember me cause this is my number 26212452 account.

    Chef and Sinister 4 Veteran rights.

  5. Www.through experience I am aware that none of this will happen unless you pay Gretar a fortune and he most likely would scam you cause he don't randomly pick staff on his side unless they were his gipsy cousins so quit trying and let karma take care of it's thing, everything unfolds after all, nobody can stay hiding behind masks because it won't take them nowhere , so my advice to you is relax and never bother again making a post about it unless you want to waste your time.Com



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  6. I am sure the players would appreciate your effort and energy spent on this, keep this up for better development, and as you've asked for other ideas, I think you should create PKing guide for the beginners and whomever has no clue how to improve their setup kits as if it was from 1-10 ways style, and that definitely would help @JBLIND to get his eyes open and be better for the future.

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  7. As andrew said but there's only few who are willing to care or understand you and might be useful, and most of the good players are not inactive because our history is over and got to a deadline as far as I can tell.. and I respect that you had enough courage to admit what are you getting through unlike the rest of them hiding behind masks, whatsoever.. I believe that you are going through terrible circumstances for a specific reason such as learning how to fight alone to the fullest potential and during this difficult experience you will truly improve yourself for the better version of yourself and become more stronger, isn't that obvious or it's just me who thinks so?, there's a meaning behind every scene happens to us if you just decide to look at the brightest window, keep going and don't look behind your shoulders in the mean time and be patience for things to unfold on the right time to you and fall right into place for the higher purpose of your life journey, add me in game or leave me a message online if you ever needed a hand , I will try to respond whenever I notice the message and hopefully be useful if I could, Hope that this helped and stay lowkey.

    Best of wishes, 


    1 minute ago, zeplin99 said:

    imagine quoting me like same slave aka same sea in every topic LOLOLOL slaves be slaves. you never gonna touch the throne with your hands.

    Looks like my student got better in wording but am not here to touch anything dirty so please let me grind in peace.

  9. On 5/11/2019 at 3:13 PM, zeplin99 said:

    stop speaking to me lmfao slaves are not allowned to Quote nor speak to me get it?

    I don't see the rules including that, so unfortunately I couldn't get it.

    Plus I made your wishes come true and made you speak like a triggered whale ;) don't mind thanking me

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