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  1. It's actually a good style for pking with gmaul but in-game it performs as a melee weapon due to a random bug and it's supposed to double hit non special attack with good combos so in my fair opinion it should be fixed in this server and perhaps set it for a specific small value of PKP amount in the mazchna store for more interesting game-play mode and quality regarding to the pures zone.


    Other ideas popped into my mind such as a vouch poll which I have no clue how to add regarding a new wilderness zone for Pure pkers or something exciting as the OLD jail risk PKing was must be added to help the server expand in much more fun ways and bring the old smell back to the community which would so many players appreciate including me, so Goodluck on this one and I am hoping to see some support on this suggestion, it would be really so cool if it happens!


    Recode the darts and knives issue which doesn't really fit in the characters hand properly and that refers to some neglections overall the community server bases, it would sound more fun if it happens and will definitely be more exciting to use them in the long term and gives the server extra good looking.


    So basically this is all for now and if you enjoy the wilderness pking as a pure you probably must support this situation for more extra joy and quality to your times that has been serving roatpkz since it was born :kappa: , Lots more to come if this goes well and hope you enjoy the rest of your days online!

    Best regards,

    urBOY Chef..


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  2. On 8/28/2019 at 4:19 PM, Isaiah said:

    yes. i take back my "NO RAPPERS SHOULD BE ANY OTHER COLOUR OTHER THAN BLACK!!!!!!!!!" comment. I just think that if youre ganna spew out shit like  "MOTHERFUCKA. MOTHERFuCKA, LIKE A STRAIGHT WARM SUCKER!", you cant classify yourself as a 'rapper'....









    Not really that’s specific and don’t think 50cent should’ve said all his bullshit but hey who knows how he got through, I guess you just have to be yourself and take a leap of faith..

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  3. 1 hour ago, Fantastic said:

    No, you're just retarded. Cringy topic, shut the fuck up.

    Okay lol I won’t go any further wit your boring ass hence I know staff will delete my replies when they are embarrassed and also if you weren’t you would ‘t reply to any of my cringe topics unless your finna trying to defend yourself which is complete ego.

    i am braindead btw

    1 hour ago, Lineup said:

    Cool song chef, but id rather get the electric chair than watch that again.

    Ty bro glad to see some self improvement and letting go of a little bit of hatred since last time we met.

    goodlux wit more i salute u

  4. Just now, Fantastic said:

    What the actual fuck are you trying to say retard. Shut the fuck up, holy shit. No one knows what you're saying, your topics are cringy and so are you.

    The image had nothing to do with discriminating against arabs or any culture you fucknut.

    Ops it looks like I did step on a fucking nerve didn’t I? Go sue me bitch

  5. On 8/26/2019 at 6:12 PM, Isaiah said:

    anyone besides black, cant be a rapper imo, not including Mac Miller... then the first line was; "MOTHERFUCKA. MOTHERFuCKA, LIKE A STRAIGHT WARM SUCKER!" just made me exit very quickly.. 

    rate: 4/10


    i like music with a story in it i like rap talking about hard shit irl. not just talking about all the shit he talked about. couldnt even understand him... sorry if this is you but just make your songs 'meaningful'...



    but some of my favourite Meek Mill songs are; Trauma, Traumatized, just anything where he raps about the shit he went though...





    LOVE YOU! (...no homo)

    I understand your point but no black rapper could be eminem too, just saying and no it ain’t me brother. I wish having this upcoming talented rappers courage though, it’s a key for the dreams door if you know what i mean🤗


    On 8/26/2019 at 7:42 PM, Same Sea said:


    You’re so tasteful mate.

    On 8/26/2019 at 8:16 PM, Fantastic said:

    WALLAHI نحن هنا الاخوة!

    Uhh lol what did arabs do to your nerdy face mate stop being racist it’s not you who acting like this cuz you’re a cool person within so stop letting your ego get on ur way just to impress others while you still have the advantage of that rank.

    17 hours ago, Fruitiest said:

    delete this

    Hoe can delete when ur no longer welcomed in the staff prison?

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