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  1. 10 minutes ago, Fantastic said:

    What are you even trying to show? You're literally flooding his PMs with random spam. Why in the fuck would he want to respond to that? Even though you kept spamming him, he still responded to you with a civilized question that you didn't even respond to?

    What is this? What are you even trying to say here? You're flaming and harassing him for literally no reason. He's obviously burnt out from playing and moderating this game for years, and the few times he's online, you think he'd be wanting to deal with your shit? You're so hypocritical it's actually quite insane. 

    You've constantly been begging for Moderator (not even Server Support),  saying how you could change Roat Pkz when in reality you're a toxic rat that'll happily scam or do anything to have your name come out of another person's mouth. You've made several topics back-to-back stating that you'll be quitting, just to come back 2 days later to announce some "new clan" and Discord that you'll be starting up to "revolutionize" something new, God knows for what reason.

    You will never have a spot in the Staff team with the way you're acting. If you actually cared for the position, you'd be contributing positively in a senseful way instead of forcing things down people's throats, thinking that it makes you entitled to things you're not entitled to.

    You wonder why Staff  (or anyone else for that reason) won't respond to you. Maybe you'll figure it out one day.

    Yeah, good one. You mean no "damage to no one", but you'll still go out of your way to harass a veteran staff member.

    Appreciate the honest feedback mister :)

    Talk with you soon.

    I have the power to become a great Server Supporter Wanna try me for a second?

    Been doing unseen efforts my whole entire life on roatpkz mostly and did not come ideal so I had to go beyond outside the box a little bit and see what happens. Looking forward to see some cooperation in the near future mates :) @Fantastic

  2. Hello to everyone I need you to stay alert for later probably big chance for tonight to drop!

    I'm gonna be uploading a new video release soon most likely on youtube too so I want your attention to process this through and deliver the word across to our fellow roat-pkz staff moderators and whomever is Above. :)

    I don't wanna talk lots of your time it's just a moment of cold truth you could have never seen anything alike from before.. so I want you to hear my Voice from here behind the screen for now until I transfer to another phase & projects.

    Video content is about how we be treated from our level of perspective to reality.

    Proof of life gonna happen soon for as Chilling content hopefully. Don't mean no damage to no one and sorry if you feel offended.

    Soon after release it will be posted through here and I hope you're ready to catch up the message and receive the present we had been given.

    Trust me you're going to enjoy for a moment but most of you will hate my content for my harshness but I guarantee you it's the truth! Hmm.

    Lets stay ready on fire and share the message as soon as it drops from beyond and within!


    Join me at my discord from here at this link : >< https://discord.gg/hRZg7X !

    Cross through the world.! 

    Best regards from my heart to all of you who are willing to respect me and my new content & efforts!...




  3. 6 hours ago, El hook said:

    You're so cringe lmfao. Stop spamming with 10 alts you retard dumbfuck.

    I only can relay on myself to get the task done nobody is gotta be there for you although you lost bank yesterday and gonna end up coming back and forth to the server without no one caring a bit down. Enjoy your next stage on roatpkz mate :)

    5 hours ago, J[ag] [E] S[vensk] said:


    I wear same as your picture mask in-game in my 7 alt accounts (forgot on one btw) but no one has eye & nosey loops like yours.

  4. Just now, 1 slap said:

    Damn brother I appreciate the love I do!

    The font is sexy but chef brother, why the ginger anime character? I don't want to sound ungrateful but not my thing.

    The rendering is cool though bro nice work overall but ye anime just not my thing dude, appreciate the love though chef<3

    We can change that brother just let me know whats in your mind?

    Fyi I just randomly searched for something as in Legendary render and that's what i've got for ya :P

  5. Done some editing and came up with this.


    There's also a chance for selling type of work just let me know if interested for more information, other few changes can be edited or done.






  6. Name of the Rule Breaker: 
    Rule Broken: Item scamming
    In-game or Forums: Ingame ofc
    Date: 10th of march - 14:09 pm
    Private Report (Y/N): N

    I at least hope for item refund and make sure to get the player punished so he don't attempt to scam and rip the community off with his overwhelming hunger.



  7. As most of you already know that I am trying to improve my performance on Photoshop and Graphic Designing in General and it would be super dope to have your support and feedback on my upcoming artwork. For that, I will be doing some content such as giving away several opportunities to the first Five Commenters on this Topic with the proper formal application To have any type of signature or Design you Would appreciate!

    Follow the required format down below here!

    *Type of Graphics Content (Avatar / Signature / Banner / Other options):

    *Main Text / Sub Text (Optional):

    *Specific contained colors in General:

    *Favorable Images / Renders can be from Google or In mind related (Link or Specific Details):

    *Background (LINK) / Transparent (Optional): 

    *Size (Not optional):

    *Any specific recommendations:

    *Roatpkz currency Payment (Optional):


    PS: You must fill the required application to receive the closest design you ever wanted and I will put lots of effort to make sure my customers are very satisfied with my work. The payment is not necessary it's up to the person whether to decide I earned it or not the whole content is for Free charge and it's meant to improve my skills and would be nice to have some appreciation in any ways possible in return it is at least what I hope for.


    A previous example of my work (one of many types)










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