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  1. Still hanging out here sometimes. I've literally grew up here from school to uni. #rami4mod
  2. I miss chaotic maul as well. BTW I think it was possible to stack 80-80 with ags- g maul. And that bug was working for years. Bruhh, I was 15. A crazy anime guy who thought these edits are super dope.
  3. Fight 4 You


    I'm pretty sure you replied some positive things in few topics. That's why I mentioned ya, same goes with sage fest
  4. Everything Is fine, It is only natural to react that way.
  5. Fight 4 You


    Well I knew this was comming from a mile ago. Recent accident made me really upset, so I gave some thoughts about stepping out. I doubt anyone could change my mind. It's an awful feeling then all your efforts goes to waste. Keep in mind It's not about the items, I've been offered some hook ups by my friends, It's a moral behind it. So best of luck, keep on grinding, keep dabbing on em haters. Big shoutout to people who supported me in any way: -Teh Cool boi @JBLIND @Fantastic @Sage fest @Same Sea And specialy this guy who made me cringe so much @Gym Life 4 new SS Edit more info:
  6. Hello dear Roat Pkz players, So apparently as few of you may already know that I have been hacked. It happened because of my not awareness about secuirity system. There's a chance that durning that time I offended someone in game or in forums. I apologise for all the inconvenience. This is a message for all of you, that you must keep your account safe in any means provided. Take me for example. My forum account aswell as in game accounts were hacked. These kind of things can happen to any of you. Protect your information at any cost. Best of luck.
  7. Fight 4 You


    Lmao I haven't saw it yet. So It seems the guy hacked my forums account aswell
  8. It's not that I tried it before. I just was setting my email after I got hacked. So it seems I have a really slim chance to get my stuff back :\. Thank you anyways. It happened 4 years ago or so. I got those accounts back though. The real concern is my current account I'm playing. I defently agree that from my side not having an email attached was just stupid.
  9. Back on the day. There wasn't such thing. Also I tried putting the email , but It doesn't seem to be working. I'm curious about refund. Is there a chance I can get refunded ?
  10. I didin't thought this will happen to me 3rd time. Yesterday my account was just fine. But today then I logged I saw this. I didn't had email recovery thingy because this account is fairly new so how could anyone get my password. It has to be some fresh hacker. http://prntscr.com/hatyyb
  11. Fight 4 You


    ... Deleted ...
  12. In my 5 years of playing. You are defently cringiest player I have ever seen. I would be impressed if you would be older than 14.
  13. Don't know you and never saw you. Respected you say? Try looking replies. I wouldn't say that you are "liked" by majority. In other of your full of laugh topic you admitted to make people quit. Sooo wow your filled with respect of community. They probably calling you like this because It's your nickname. Also if you are such a good friend so why aren't you SS already. Sorry to bother you, but I'm backing off. Best of luck.
  14. First of all you shouldn't spam Gretar to suggest something. Just make a suggestion like everyone else, you no different. Also as a good "citizen" you should make a report topic instead of dissing SS. I'm a fellow Veteran so don't write me down If I have personal opinion.
  15. So basicly what I understood from your topic that you would improve Roat Pkz if you will become SS ( I doubt that ever happen) You were wondering why few staff members where demoted and you used Terzey as example since he real world tradded. You are saying like It's nothing to RWT. But watch It from rules perspective. RWT equals permanent ban. So I agree with @Gretar that this kind of people shouldn't be ever in staff team. Also you were writing that all SS should be fired. I don't know why you are thinking this, but that's stupid. I'm 100% sure If you will ask anything of current SS they will answer you ( besides item begging). SS aren't supossed to spam ::yell " write me If you need some help". If you need something just PM them It's easy as that. There Is only one problem with SS: few of them are barely online. But that's why we have more than few of them. Btw why you so desperete to get this rank since you say It "doesn't mean shit" actually It means alot. It helps new players to become full length players. It's admirable that you are helping players by giving PKP. But keep in mind they still gonna lose it by staking. So I wouldn't even bother to feed them.
  16. Not even using them , then I'm risk fighting. I got them by long term pking.
  17. Nothing new, getting back those dharok sets I gave away before quitting. I regret doing because I haven't realised getting 200 sets takes some time.
  18. Well your suggestion Is back to back, If the prices would change you would get more pkp per kill. So It won't change anything pretty much. If we gonna push the pkp increasing away I would agree with only one. It would be Statius , because it's second to highest tier. Also that voting stuff change is straight no. We already lack items in vote shop .
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