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  1. shit man life is great fr cant complain i hope u been doing alright fr man its been ages since we have spoke hmu on discord sometime in the near furture and we will catch up or hml ingame if u stil play hey man not back just seeing whats up in the community and ingame hoping all is well with everyone out of the mind and def didnt read it befor i posted it lmfao thanks tho
  2. its been a long time since i have posted on the forums and im here to say hi and hope everyone has been doing good over these past few months and been enjoying the game and life ill talk to you ll when i can have a good one lads
  3. considering i just came back my goal rn is to break a 50k+ bank
  4. i miss you bud and im doing well work work work all day long then study lmfao hope ur doing good aswell need to hmu sometime with ur discord same i started playing this game like 5 months after it came out and have met some really great people and have had a great friendship with them just its sad to see the people that have molded this server just leave and yeah i understand rl issues and getting on with ur life like i have done idk i just figured it would be a good disccusion and hear other peoples thoughts on the vets leaving yes totally understand that part but damn its like how u put 5+ years into something and forget about and not even come back to say hi to ur old pals and catch up am i right? idk from personal experience some of the friends ive met online are some of the best ive had in life so far
  5. so i have been gone for sometime but i come to say hello to everyone from time to time and everytime it seems even more of the vets have quit what has this game come to without all the people that helped make roat what it is today
  6. lol i dont play the game i come in time to time on the fourms lmfao still obv ur a nobody just so happens ur a random and im one of the few that have played when server first came out i graduate in lil under a month but only getting certificates bub then im going back for chem science degree going for my masters maybe phd
  7. relax? hmm seems that's why i go to a university?
  8. stfu u rat been doing alright lots of school and work so no time to really play anymore and thats good bub nice to see uve added some great things to the server
  9. so how has everyone been here lately i miss you daddy @JBLIND
  10. @jblind atleast i put it in the right place this time right?
  11. yeah i did i havent been on in ages cuz only on forums to see if u or dario was on and how aer u all
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