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  1. giving a starter bag is reasonable because the new players when they join they will go to the wildy for pking their rune's sets wont stand a chance vs dharok's they will litterly get pked on 20-30 seconds even if they had fire cape and fighter torso new players must at least start with 1k pkp/item first if they choose to pk they can at least stand a chance vs dharoks seconde if they choosed to go pvming they can buy some gear whitch will help even if a little bit
  2. What about when a new player join the game he get some money to buy some stuff like 1k-2k
  3. Thats why we should bring zgs.... Back to 0 pkp like before then rise up the fighter torso and fire cape to 1k
  4. i think untradeable stuff like fighter torso and fire cape...…. should get like to 1k and when a player pk some1 at edge or any place on wildy they should get pkp for the untradeable stuff and the player that got killed his fire cape and fighter torso... should get broken and must pay amount of money to fix it
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