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    Nice Work bro @Vos Keep it up
  2. the reason why i edited is, because i forgot something to add the last part idiot.
  3. Listen mate, i dont need shit the reason why i want ss is, to show that ive earned it. What did i get after helping 3 years??? Nothing not even pkp aha you would say are you helping people for pkp?? No i am not but it was an example but what you should get as reward? A rank of staff team idiot
  4. @Gretar there you go rat no1 agrees with this promotions idioy


    i will never get brother, we can better stop trying lol
  6. nah man, but uhm jblind can you unban my gym life on forums?
  7. Oke guys, you know what its oke if i didnt get SS alright its oke, because i wish everyone a chance to get it you know. i dont want it anymore so far as you guys are oke with it like i mean, ive been trying to get for 3 years you guys know what 3 years is?? 365 days x 3 = 1095 days helping 24.7 the server. you guys know that? if i dont get that in that time what i wanted, it will never happen. but i told gretar i hope it will be the same for you if you trying to get something for 3 years and you dont get it, but a person who does it in 2 weeks or 3 weeks gets it, you will eat ur self inside. like i do, listen i wish for the people who deserves it and not to the people who doesnt. like look in this life its giving and taking, if you sit there and you take everything its just disrespectful. well yeah you know what only want right now is that '''Gym Life on forums gets unbanned'' for the rest of that you guys can have the whole server. i aint gonna try and waste my energy for something i dont get. secondly jblind i didnt scam anyone allright, if someone trades me and i tell him to go to my other account and he accepts the trade its his faul, who tells him to accept trade no1 doest that -.-, and yeah mike was biggest flamer in this game on p k m 3 l, he gets SS aswell people who plays this server broke a rule 100% there is no 1 who didnt broke a rule. you cant make me wise that no1 broke a rule trust me, if you play this server for 7 years you ever broke 1 rule in this game its for sure. Well i want only my gym life back thats it, the rest you guys can keep it. i will go away for another 1 year, i will speak you guys after 1 year if the minds are changed, you know jblind when i came back playing you are playing aswell, also smackd dont tell me without me its fun, i know 100% when im online its more funnier then without me trust me. Peace, Kane
  8. much love brother but nothing to do about it. its up to gretar @Gretar
  9. IGN: Gym Life Proof: http://prntscr.com/la19ix Subscribed
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