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  1. I'm indifferent as stated, but it would be just like deadmanmode in osrs imo. Players understand efficiency so all would just grind out and it'd be back to normal quickly. The real question is how would you compensate the previous donators? You can't reset them since they donated their irl money. I wouldn't want to lose the fruit of all my hard work, but I can understand your perspective in terms of the grind to make everything back. You'd almost need rolling resets to accomplish what you want. Imagine if the server was like dmm and reset every 24 hrs
  2. I see the path as this: Player starts and either donates or has to pk/pvm If they're good enough, they can risk fight and make bank but there's still luck involved. Slayer/Skilling/Merching -> Revs -> Clue Scrolls and pvp versus Begging for hooks & yolo chucking for bank That's the state of roat. You have a populous that made bank from staking and others that put in many hours of hard work to earn money. I may be biased against an eco reset, but regardless I'd be indifferent as the strategy doesn't really change if the eco were to reset. You'd just see multi clans lock down revs and slowly build back up while witnessing a slim few take most of the economy via fp/staking. Hence the reset being pointless.
  3. Is any of the 1 number or letter available (I saw "P" online so I don't think the original list is up to date or else I'll buy 8 )? Is XTZ, KSM, or Chance available?
  4. Gretar isn't "woke" (so i hope) and the owner(s) aren't going to lose out on revenue over some ignorant child spouting off in anonymity - ignore list is best suggestion
  5. This is f***ing sick - thank you for making this
  6. Hmm let's see. Respect to Pm2getbodied for helping players and doing a fine job. I see this man on and he's always answering pms or too busy to sesh because he's too busy helping players smh. Respect to Rag Bot V1 and Fantastic Cx for hosting server events and being fine gents. Also respect to goat. Last but certainly not least, thank you gretar for this amazing server and the updates. Hats off to you.
  7. Idk how but all staff are great and helpful imo. I feel like hemmy is full of thou self, but aren't we all.
  8. i'd vote no because you still owe me 100k for outlasting you. apparently you don't count a ko as an outlast...
  9. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CgciK_ClYsA
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