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  1. pvp tracker for nerds to analyze (damage dealt/taken/overheads corrected/maybe style prayers used correctly etc) fights similar to 07
  2. ive maxed 3 accs pm ing @ 'rulesrrules' or post here but better to pm me and lmk what u want if u want me to skill ur acc ill only skill on server double xp and youll need xp scrolls if slayer ull need nieve scrolls on top of the xp scrolls prices will be negotiable based on demand - im efficient but not very active - i will promise u very efficient xp while i can play
  3. 07 has a toggle to prevent you from skulling while barraging/chinning - i just lost 24k at abbys in slayer dungeon bc one of the guys kept relogging and I left auto retaliate on. I realize it's a 'skill issue' and i got 200 iq outplayed but would be a nice update for the skillers after me. update: i lost a hydra slayer helm which was 46k to replace in tp from the skull trickers but at the end of the day you can only blame yourself - i hate to thwart pkers from having a good time when in reality skilling is a means to a end similar to pking being less about the pkp and more about the passion to do it - this update would be a double edged sword bc while pvmers save pennies pkers would lose out on the desire to do what they do - sometimes pvmers must sacrifice to derive what they gain vs the pkers that are incentivized to justify the dangerous element to everything so i have an appreciation for this samsara wheel that keeps us playing this game and gretar or coders if ure reading this me and everyone who plays this server appreciate you so i think in hindsight this was a emotion thralled moment i experienced in hopes of saving pennies in front a freight train that i think is justified bc pkers deserve the element of reward to risk pvmers take on to get massive xp gains
  4. just want to say i think this server is amazing and yall are doing a mighty fine job, keep it up. cheers.
  5. im surprised to hear you say that - i thought it was a great idea
  6. so the issue is most of us are poor, poor is relative right, einsteins theory of relativity but the problem! we can't afford server double drops or xp! so we crowdfund it! imagine - crowdfunded double drops or xp, discounted? maybe? pls good sersky? that's it.
  7. current cost is unobtainable, need better ingame money makers
  8. imagine lms but warfare odd numbers you downgrade gear very slightly or kick out ?
  9. Imagine a tournament but it's multi! Massive war with all the same kits, people could pay 100-10000 pkp to participate and winners split the prize (who cares about prizes though, free is better for participation), maybe most damage tanked/given gets a % extra of the pot. I just participated in a 4v30 multi war and had this epiphany. I think it would be a good change up to the singles tournies and people would enjoy a server wide multi war :D. You could kit out in various loadouts from max to complete troll. maybe it's random rolled for kit load outs leading to some unfair tournies but would be more fun to get max to cosmetic gear.
  10. POGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG edit: why doesn't hunter outfit give 10%, it's like 7,5%?
  11. this is unacceptable it's donkey
  12. gents - the trick is bringing barrage and dd logging or running away - few bring seeds
  13. @Gretaryou have ruined the vls - please return it to 80-90% of its former glory, shit is depressing ngl source: ~30 chances on craws pvmers at nex with fake 25-50k risk prot. either fix risk prot or fix vls bc they deserve to die for being lil fake riskers - myb i should just take the L and use the new sword but i feel like the vls was over-nuked
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