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  1. 100-200k/resi? 400-500k/double zropper? Please consider boosting task completion rewards by 25-50% - this will give task doers more pkp per day and allow scrolls addicts like myself to pop cheaper.
  2. I think raising pet ca every year will allow more active trading on tp - currently 2020 pets and some later pets go for more than the 20x ca limit which keeps them off of tp - doubling pet ca every year that goes by or maybe increasing by 25-50% per year would allow for easier trading eg pets have 100k ca current limit in tp is 2m off 100k ca launch: 100k ca -> 2m tp limit 1 year later: 125-200k ca -> 2.5-4m tp limit 2 years later: 150-400k ca -> 3m-8m tp limit doesn't have to be absurd on ca hikes and can combat rwt through notif sys ingame but would help prospective buyers reach pet sellers without timezone/right place right time restrictions
  3. BHP has skyrocketed in the last week from 6 to 9 each with no end in sight. It may be wise to consider giving bounty hunters a higher payout on emblem or increasing the amount of bhp entering the game. There's a lot of ways to tackle this issue. I think the best way to tackle this is allowing a pkp purchase option on scrolls - this will combat the pkp inflation and may kill speculation on bhp hoarders but maybe the real issue is the lack of bhp coming into the game from outdated valuations on emblems. Events bring a lot of bhp into the game through boxes but these lulls and PKP #ROATFLATION are going to keep driving the price of BHP up due to deflationary scroll addict (im a scroll popper) pressure
  4. one regular scythe (~10m pkp) for you - pm me or respond here and I'll pm you *Please delete this - shout out rag bot for the hook up*
  5. I've heard some complaints about the amount of people pvming bosses/revs at royal zone causing beef so I have an idea! we double or quadruple the monsters by adding another floor with the same layout or the spin could be mixing up the layout that's why i'd like to double it and give it to the next person
  6. imagine if abdul would buy dupe skill/pvm or any pet for 100k pkp - would be pog for our dupes
  7. 07 has popular death match mechanics of dh, claws, etc - would be cool if duel had options for death matches instead of dds/whip, could have options for dh, claw, etc death matches that auto spawn the items during dm duels to revitalize staking for gambloooors
  8. we won't stand idly by and watch our pkp become worthless! im unsure of how we fix this but for all the homies with pk point tickets i have to speak up! tbow 20m? korasi 25m? royal 15m? it's time to raise rates!
  9. im hella biased i love this server too much and think everyone on the staff team does a great job.
  10. issue: we need a sick xmas event pet this is suggestions so please share what you think is cool pet wise ideas: 1. reindeer 2. pet slay w. a similar mechanic to pet death that says youve been slayed xxxxx when you or player dies 3. xmas tree 4. elf - makes toys or copies item ure wearing? 5. krampus - scary variant of santa
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