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  1. gents - the trick is bringing barrage and dd logging or running away - few bring seeds
  2. @Gretaryou have ruined the vls - please return it to 80-90% of its former glory, shit is depressing ngl source: ~20 chances on craws pvmers at nex with fake 25-50k risk prot. either fix risk prot or fix vls bc they deserve to die for being lil fake riskers - myb i should just take the L and use the new sword but i feel like the vls was over-nuked
  3. watching a buddy tryna chuck blue ankou gloves - can yall add a bhp/dp backing for niche high end items to back value in illiquid times?
  4. dced again 3rd phase 90% hands reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  5. didn't take a screeny but I just dc'd in raids and logged back in to 3 hp - unsure if it's possible to dc and die outside raids but also a pro to this change also, can you make vial-smash apply to the pots in raids also, what if roatDMM every few months hmm - would be cool to have insane drops through slayer etc but would need to gatekeep end game items so teams didn't just ravage everyone but probs happen anyway with mechanical skill relativity
  6. Hey, Is it possible to add an anti-dc to raids to prevent loss of progress (myb save account progress after death and allow to respawn in the instance where the dc happened) - dunno if possible bugs could result but I've dc'd in 5-7 raids which is ~1 hr+ lost. I'd imagine many others have had a similar issue. Pls help ppl like me with mcdonalds wifi. Also - if added would need to account for parties of 2-5 players (e.g. I dc'd in a duo last night and my partner had to finish the raid without stams reeee)
  7. hi e1, pls note this guide isn't step by step, just tips so please see ::topic 27690 (shoutout the boy zite) to get started! - if you just want to make money here's some sound advice: stop gambling, do masters only (clue guide ::topic 25763) (convert 4 lower clues to master on uri - sell caskets on tp (4 open = 1 sold on tp) - lets not debate existential boredom from having it all to yolo chucking for the dopamine. consider bringing a clue box to protect clues in case you die while skilling. prelogue: prepare to be victimized by pkers. & make sure you have every skilling +10% boost (outfit/ring) + best thing for your level - some things are debatable (e.g. - rocks to mine for mining) so you want to max? gfl - talk to the bh guy and opt tf out of bounty hunter. #nomoretargets - join a multi cc (fm/swab) and hopefully not get bsed but regardless it'll save you from getting attacked by most purple dots. also - when skilling at rss/resource area, bring an alt with nh or rag gear. log it off. be rdy to log into it to rag the assholes (biased) that attack u. idea is always be scrolling. say it with me, abs. always. be. scrolling. x2 xp scrolls - they're around 60k ea. remember - do master clues and sell caskets on tp to afford x2 scrolls. you don't have clue items? have no fear, ask people to loan you but be careful not to burn bridges. edgy intro aside, let's begin. agility: pretty straight forward; buy the ring and outfit then run laps. wildy agi on scroll is like 1.6m xp an hr, 750k an hr if u brokeboi mining: shits so fast on scroll. consider power mining coal (drop or note and continue till death or lvl reached) til 85 in reg dzone then you want to crystal pickaxe mining outfit + ring - rune rocks. RUNE ROCKSSSSS smithing: bronze bars to 15, then iron ore in resource area or leg dzone. iron bars are 475k xp per hr reg, 950k ish an hr on scroll. ive tried rune bars, dont waste ur time. fishing: trout/salmon fly fish most efficient - best fishing spot is prob bandit camp or north of ::easts at lvl 35 ish - rss/legendary dzone good too. monkfish/crabs are good if you prefer afk instead of shift dropping frequently. cooking: scroll up, bring noted fish and go ham ideally at north easts fish spot cuz rarely pkers. dark crabs on scroll like 5k xp per firemaking: (scroll up) ok i have some useful info for this - items needed: logs + tinderbox + seed pod -> set seed pod to a square next to bank booth since skilling load kit delay -> type ::wests and ctrl or cmd + a into ctrl/cmd + c -> sweet now uve copied "::wests" -> now ctrl+v -> enter -> 1 -> run a lil east then start lighting ur logs on fire -> click ur seed pod rinse repeat wc: shits slow af. gotta chop at ::woodcutting til yews then go resource area or dzone. once u get to magics it's 750k xp an hr off scroll, 1.5m an hr on crafting: cut gems at resource area. i bring 2 brews 1 san cuz i cba clicking so much. it's risky since max cape pkers can insta tele in but you'll be risking ~5-20k pkp max fletching: this is crucial - chop bows at rss until lvl 73. from here you want to chisel cut onyx into onyx bolt tips. do this in safezone at ::crafting off scroll. 1 cut onyx = 12 bolt tips. spawn runite bolts then make onyx bolts. on scroll this is 8k xp per 10 bolts fletched per rep. each action is 10 reps. i usually wait 6-8 reps before redoing the 10 to maintain efficiency or hopefully w.e.. do the math - if using x2 scroll, take 8k per 10 bolt tips and figure out how many sets of 10 bolts are needed for 99 fletching. if no scroll, figure out thieving: long grind initially then is amazing xp wise in wildy. dzone or ::thieving for safezone lvling to 85 then rss or ext(85)/leg(95) slayer: craws or bp with dragon darts - unlock superiors ASAP and dont buy bosses they waste of time/exp. extend dark beasts, bloodvelds, black demons, gargs. once u build up some slayer pts, when using x2 scrolls skip all time wasting bullshit for the extendo tasks so u can xp whore efficiently. SELL ALL LARRANS ON TP TO AFFORD NIEVES. DO MASTERS TO BUY THE X2 SCROLLS. - nieves blessing is like a second stackable slayer helm - remember if ranging to go sub 94 cmb to avoid 126/main pkers. u wont get attacked as much. hopefully this was helpful - if you have any questions or suggestions that are more efficient, feel free to ask/chime in and ill answer/update this post.
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