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  1. @Chef i gotta agree with u
  2. Vouch or not idgaf.. hes retardest admin in rsps's history. Most embarassing thing is ... he literally abuses his powers without someone doing shit bout it. Roat should be great without gooner like Jordan.. ain't i right? Roat in 2k12-2k13 was great without corrupted arab like JB..
  3. @JBLIND U shouldn't even be admin dumb downie. You talk way to much fucking inbred admin. Only thing u can do is flame. Haven't even talked with you and ya just keep piping. Stop piping fucking rat irl. You're not cool.... pathetic goblin looking cracked seal. Imagine ur paying someone to ddos the ip addresses ur finding out dumb downie l0l0l0l. We all know the secrets weirdo l0l0l.. And the deep wild abuse while u tele peeps out from deep. #ABUSE go die in cancer fcking wank stain.
  4. Make that multi voting useable without getting cooldown again XD
  5. i dont wanna be rude but why a pvm cc in a pking server fam?
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