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  1. All of your words is right brother, thank you so much.. ill try to be fine and okay, and i found a job already.. but i wait 2 weeks to join it.. i hope ill be fine these days..
  2. Lady Loza


    These is my IRL problems, no family, only lil brother, no friends i told u all i think.. btw its g i will take it off yell im sorry
  3. You Fucked it up more than it fucked w/me:) ty btw My reply won't be good for pixel, so its g i wont try to take attention on forums:)
  4. Lady Loza


    i will do that bro thank you mate<3
  5. Lady Loza


    It's okay, he will be fine and will be in better place i swear .. and my life is terrible.. soo.. No need to be sorry, its gonna be okay then ill try to be strong:) thank you sir.
  6. No1 is around me, in my life i mean, like no friends, has been with my gf for 3 years and she left me... and i thought when my dad gone, relatives would take me w/them.. but nothing happens.. i've already found a job, will work on it in like 2 weeks or so, and will open roats some times to help players and our community, by the way.. i love to know more people.. so feel free to pm me in-game or in discord and ill reply in one sec.. i mean.. i need someone to talk bout my life more n more... cuz im tired of being alone, anything would let me happy. Thank you for reading.. Ign: tarquin, waiting for you all:)
  7. Lady Loza


    Funeral ended 3-4h ago. If anyone mind to give me his whatsapp or Discord.. want to make some friends to talk with, bcuz of my irl problems<3.. ill really be happy if i know most of you all.:) My name is Abdelaziz, or zonz, wat you like to call.. my discord "Zonzaya#7777" or if you want to talk whatsapp just pm me for it, would like to know you all :'))
  8. Thank you all for being with me.. ill be strong, i believe he is in better place<3
  9. My dad funeral will be tommorow, i'm sorry that i will gone. i will quit bcuz of this, he was everything to me tho, he's dead.. and i have so much problems in-reallife.. like, from gf/family&Everything.. im sorry bois.. i hope that everyone will be alright, its great game btw, gl gretar:) uhh.. i've knew some pre good ppl<3 but for sorry i have to leave.. will miss roats<3
  10. Respect that, thanks for guide.
  11. Lady Loza

    Bass boost req

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