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  1. Background type: Transparent but I would like a character behind my signature itself (Behind the lettering, the image itself is a Dance Group that is grouped up, there's arms in there, maybe you could make it so the arms are going slightly over the Signature/lettering) Character(s), etc: A Jabbawockeez (Dance Group) image that I could send you via Discord Category: Flashy Text type: 3D Main text: JBWKZ (Main color: Black, Secondary *The 3D aspect* White) I'd also like it to be flashy & have sort of a smoke flare over it Extra text: You can't compete Price: We could talk about that via DM's on Discord Do you agree to the TaC? (Terms and conditions): Yes
  2. What is your request?(signature,banner,background, ect) Signature Text(If applicable): JBWKZ What colors(if applicable) White, black Give me some details on your vision: I'm thinking of a 3D Sorta signature, with a Classy touch in the font. I want it to be flashy with some flares or/and smoke, I want the white to be the secondary color & the black being the main color (White would be like the 3D aspect of the signature). I'd like it to be with a Jabbawockeez Dance Group image standing behind my signature (behind my name JBWKZ & I could send you one on discord), I would also want a transparent background, so the signature would only be the JBWKZ in white & black & the JBWKZ image, rest would be transparent You can hit me up on discord @ JBWKZ#1383
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