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  1. XR6


    why i click player but spec rev dragon instead? fix this shit
  2. Change it back to singles these clans suck
  3. ags is too easy to get, 1 revs drop and you have the best spec wep? It should be 100k
  4. my 115k offer for the server still stands
  5. XR6

    Buying Roatz

    My offer is 115k.
  6. wdf, why promote these randoms i've never seen their names in game.
  7. XR6

    Buying Roatz

    Surely not that expensive.
  8. XR6

    Buying Roatz

    How much would I need to buy Roat Pkz from gretar? I have funds I just need a price. DM me with offers, I have lawyers on hand. we can come to an agreement. I will not disclose how much I have to spend. If I do buy roatz i will make sure that the server is funand will do a lot of updates
  9. No that's retarded, Then your just giving donators a massive advantage which is unfair
  10. risk defense shouldn't work in singles +
  11. So far so good, When I go into the caves I don't get raped by 10 pakistani men. it makes pvming a tad bit easier for the players and pvp more interesting since everywhere other than revs in the wildy is dead. The games not fun when 99% of people in the revs cave are in the same cc farming the wild whilst protecting eachother. < Maybe set CC limits? As for suggestions... Give the revs barrage runes so they freeze pvmers? why? Idk, would make the caves more challenging, the problem is that it's too easy to make money through revs, you don't even need to worry especially if your in a clan.
  12. sick and tired of clickin on players only to find out i clicked on a npc, fix this plz. add right-click npc option
  13. So you were BP 60! Sorry for cussing you out in-game! I was wondering why you weren't pking with us You should've joined us in the clan pk trips! edit: Your review is very accurate, I agree with it fully. Great job. Very professional
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