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  1. PK VID 5 | Roat-Pkz. ENJOY. X
  2. goodluck, and may the odds be in your favour.
  3. Edit the yt link just delete it and post the link without clicked add url so it preloads in the forum post
  4. keep the good work up lads!
  5. To bad i didn’t know about the competition had 2 vids ready to go. Was 1 day to late gratz to the winners!
  6. Like + comment + subscribe | Big man thing innit. watch now
  7. Here is a pk vid for you guys, it was just a tryout thats why it is a bit short one. let me know if i need make more in future... (obvs longer vids)
  8. In-game Name: yamihaRank you're applying for (YouTube or Twitch): YoutubeYoutube/Twitch Channel (URL): https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQ5rekQSDgY6JO_A_hcgvwg?view_as=subscriberWhy should we pick you ?: Just getting started making vids enjoy editing vids so why not do it on roatz, something different than streaming 07 pking. Hope people enjoy the vids coming up. CX
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