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  1. Scythe +1. Can try to make it viable in more places if possible Sanguenesti Staff +1. Make it useful somewhere. Scarf 500 DP +1 Skilling outfits +1 Boxing gloves ??? Graceful +1, recolor option cost however Bunny outfit up the cost Dragon hunter lance +1 Fedora - useless Beanie - useless Rune Cane - useless Pirate hat & patch - useless Top hat & monacle - useless-ish Obby cape - nobody cares Rainbow scarf - scarf? Hand fan - junk Clown outfit - replace with some not used DP outfit set or discard
  2. I'll be dead pretty soon anyway, Desert treasure, Monkey madness and dragon defender yet to be unlocked :D
  3. Bank is mostly liquidated (500k-1m) consisting mostly of pots. Deposit box is 2 whips, obby shield, Black Mystic set, Holy sandals, black mask and some junk items.
  4. 2 deaths so far which were pretty early on. Ranked above Woox, brings tears to my eyes..
  5. My first account I made on 07 OSRS got banned 5 months after I made it. Most of the skills on that account were botted including 99 mining and 99 fishing. I started fresh in March this year and wanted to play this game for the first time ever 100% legit, which I did. 95% of combat training was done through Slayer. Botting on 07 is pain in the balls at the bot detection rate they have been having the past months. Not even worth my time anymore to sacrifice hundreds of legit hours I put into this account, let alone only on Slayer.
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