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  1. popbob


    bye. I will not be online in game or on forums. (No Reply)
  2. go recover your account.
  3. Where are people getting their education? This server has low life retards that do not have proper education.
  4. that is stupid af. If people want to use the forums they can. There is a forums for every rsps server.
  5. some kind of server or something? don't advertise please.
  6. Thanks A24 you were one of the realest people I have known.
  7. Thank You to all my haters and supporters. S/O to King Andrew, Mod Mike, and King Jake.
  8. idk you ain't special to gretar.
  9. lolololololololololololololololololololo. King Peyton
  10. P E D R 0 complete retard. LOLOL. This kid says "3.4 Gpa" as an insult and this kid can't even read clearly. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. As you can see in this picture "The Bunkey" clearly says "learning support". "Bunkey is clueless l000000000000l" P E D R 0 you are clueless af LOLOLOL. P E D R 0 says "Server support?" CAN THIS KID READ LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL. END OF STORY P E D R 0 PLEASE STFU.
  11. Render: Megan Fox Colors: White Text: King of Varrock 2nd Text (if any): Got The Works
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