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  1. Lmfao tessy always bitching about "karambwan brids" but actually uses them himself vs someone who doesn't even have them... cringe
  2. l000000l what a whale ... dw tho, ur team already donated us twice the amount back in an nh stake
  3. Tbh this just proves you're all a joke. I did die at kbd for 125k while afk, but I had full supplies on me (u can legit see me tele out with 115 hp) AND we got all the loot back but the Acp. + I wasn't with Uganda unit at the time cuz I was in my own cc lul. Here's the proof of these retards faking killpics: @ 0:52 their loot pic has toxic, arcane, occult, and other shit I DIDNT EVEN HAVE ON ME WHEN I DIED. What I actually died for (and who looted what) is clearly visible in the screenshot below, which was sent to me by Server owner @Gretar If you don't believe me, you can ask him, he'll tell you it's true. As you can see the items that are in the video, aren't even in this screenshot. So gj retards, you just exposed yourselves for faking kps. .:
  4. Not even gonna address the fact u died at riskzone I see. Stupid whale lmfao. Also I got more than 5, but I posted our recent score, which is 5-1. Right now I'm destroying you and we both know it. You can start posting 3 months old clips, but that doesn't mean shit. If you actually think you're better than me now, we can rm and I'll slap you again.
  5. Since he's been back this rat has been talking a lot of shit in yell and forums trying to start shit with me and my mates for absolutely no reason. But this Swedish patient is in no position to be talking shit. Since your big return you've lost over 100k to me nh staking (lost 5-1 lmfao), and you also got smashed in riskzone for over 100k by 99b. So please just stop piping on forums and yell, because frankly, you're not good enough to back it up. Plank for 100k+: Nh stake donations (We used MM but each stake was roughly 30k): So now might be time to pipe down planker, since you've single handedly donated over 250k to our team (and that's without counting our venge fights lol).
  6. Might be, but I'm up over 150k on u nh staking since u been back bub.
  7. LOOOOL this guy was obviously clueless af asking to get speared in the most obvious multi spear spot on the whole server. He pked singles and got speared multi, wym it doesn't count? Tell yourself whatever you need to buddy, but this just proves you're a joke.
  8. Lol you beat me in 1 nh stake, which was basically a donation. You had me use your stetup that you always pk with but I never use, wouldn't let me change even one item, and we used your rules. So I already knew I was losing before we started, even told you so myself. But our last encounter wasn't the stake, it was the tourney where we both used the kit made by someone else, and you lost by 200+. And lastly idk why you're even bitching about tournament kps, nh stake kps are the exact same thing lmao. Tribrid dms.
  9. Lmao wym buddy, i won a ton of tourneys on alts since december, actually won 2/5 skill tourneys just in the last 3 days lol. Idk whats the point of this topic tbh, I've no problem admitting ur better at this game than me, but we never spoke in game, so i dont see what ur problem with me is. Unless you're just hungry for attention, in which case gz, u got me to reply.
  10. I actually like this game mechanic, and think it adds an unique twist to the game. As you already said @Gretar, OSRS had a feature similar to this in Bounty Hunter and it was left unchanged for over one year. Also I think the ban is kinda bs (nobody ever got punished for doing it on 07), but its not perm so i dont really care. As for fixing it, as I said above I want you to consider keeping it. But if you want to fix it the best idea I have is to make it so that the person that's attacking key owner will not be damaged by anyone else's attacks until like 10 ticks after he's done attacking the key owner. He can still get pjed off, he can still get frozen away or stunned, he just won't get damaged by anyone else for like 3 seconds. Imo this is the perfect solution because it still prevents boxing, and nobody can abuse it like me and Refunt did.
  11. Lmao boy idk why I'm even still responding to you but this post proves you're a joke. I literally went 200+ or more on four of your guys in a row. Some of them your "best members" as you put it. Yeah, 1 out of 5 times we meet you rng me by 60 dmg (gz btw), but 4 out of 5 I slap you 200+. We both know that and I'll gladly tribrid dm you some pkp to back it up. But if you'll just stay hiding like you have been for the past month, don't even bother responding lmao. Fucking clown. Btw, only one of those is my acc LOL.
  12. Yeah, I still admit you're better, no shame in that. But this post is about your cc, and they're absolute garbage lol.
  13. Lol Jblind, still salty about getting slapped? And no, the point wasn't to post a pic on him, the point was that I cleared his whole cc by 200+ or more on every single one. If I just wanted to post tourney pics on key, I woulda posted this 1
  14. Last tribrid tourney Nexus had a cc event and got everyone in the tournament. They were all spamming the lobby sure they were going to take it. Well apparently 12 people is not enough to win, if all of them suck. P.S. *A friend asked me to play on his acc, and yes, I know the pms are funny lmfao*.
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