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  1. Daul Penino


    There was no actual critic @zeplin99, just some people like @JBLIND saying he's better. But he's obviously not better, because he's too afraid to fight me. If he was better he'd accept the fight and destroy me. Instead he's hiding. Tbh this is just a waste of time now. He's clearly scared so I'm done wasting my time here. @nh tank if you decide to stop hiding just pm me in game.
  2. Daul Penino


    Lol I think you're a troll because you can't be dumb enough to think I was addressing your comment. But in case you're not a troll, I made this thread to show everyone that nh tank is a bitch that won't nh me. Which is still true as he's still avoiding the nh stake. The response above wasn't made to you, it was made to show everyone that even thought he commented "I'll fight you" above, he only did so that it'd look like he's not avoiding, while he still in fact is. It wasn't to address you laughing at me, because tbh, I couldn't care less what a no lifing internet troll like you thinks of me LMAO. Nobody gives a fuck about you btw L0L. Just some rat talking shit on my topic.
  3. Daul Penino


    Hey everyone, the story progressed a bit further, so I've decided to post the follow up here. I was casually strolling around ::brid, when I noticed an appaling smell. NH Stank is back in full force. I was just about to leave, but when I saw him I decided to pounce on this rat with the quickness. This goblin kid froze up when he saw me, he legit pretended I wasn't there. So I told him I have to get off in 5 minutes, that we should set a date for our nh stake, I can do almost any time during the weekend. You will not believe what this sleazy little rodent responded with. He said that he'll do it "when he's not lagging". I asked him when this might be, and he "doesn't know". Keep in mind I caught him bridding, so the lag excuse is obviously bullshit. Little clown boy, this is getting ridiculous. I told him I'm leaving soon and we can do weekend, and then he suddenly dismissed the lag and said he "can do it now". Keep in mind I told him I need to go before he made that offer. Which he only offered because he knew I couldn't accept and wanted to make it look like he's down to fight. I'm down almost any time during the weekend, u play 6h a day (you said so yourself) so I think we can find a time we're both free @nh tank. Maybe we can even get some of your fans to watch you eat my slaps. Edit: saw him again in deep wildy, made him the same offer. Instead of giving date, he just said I'm avoiding and flamed me. Couldn't get the 1st convo SS's as I had to go, but the 2nd one is below. As for you guys, @Tupac, @JBLIND, @SneakR, @Smackd, @Ahmad RSPS, @Tesfxye, @zeplin99, @Wtf Safer, @Fruitiest, @300 block, I can see that while some people did see right through nh stank's bullshit excuses, he does have a decent amount of fanboys. Which I personally find quite endearing. But even if some of you think he's a better nher than me, he clearly does not. Most of you guys nh, so think about this. An inferior nher challenges you to a nh stake for an amount of money that's worth it to you, but not big enough to bankrupt you in case you get rnged. He also offers to do a best of 5 or even best of 9 if you wish. Would any of you ever pass on that offer? Nobody would. The only way I personally would pass is when the NHer who's challenging is not worse, but better than me. Which is clearly the case right here. If NH stank is better, he has no reason not to do it. And even if he's your friend and you won't say it out loud, you all know this. The only reason he's trying to get out of this is because he knows if he does it he's going to get slapped harder than Rihanna got slapped back in '06. And trust me, she got slapped hard. So NH Stank, you said you'd fight me above in your reply. Then you wouldn't find tell me when we can do it in game. Which one is it, sandwich boi? We doing this shit or are you bitching out? If you are it's kinda cringe since you already said we'd fight, but it looks like you're too scared of the slaps. As I said in my first post, I assume you're going to hide in your sewers like the rat you are, but if your goblin ass actually gathers the courage to face me, just drop when you can do it tomorrow/Sunday and we'll set it up. If you can't, do the weekend, weekdays work too I guess.
  4. Daul Penino


    Jblind I'm not just saying I'm better, I'm willing to do an nh stake and bet on it. If he beats me, fair enough. But so far I've just seen him talking shit, then challenging me to risk where he camps prot whenever I'm unfrozen. I can do that too but it's just a rag war and we're both wasting our time. So I came up with a way that actually ends with one of us losing. And he kept trying to weasel his way out of it, but now it looks like he actually might accept.. So we'll see what happens lol.
  5. Daul Penino


    I know your style because I fought you on your alt today? The elvy kid? Or was that not you? As for the killpics, look what I said above. I've been playing tournaments and nhing for 3 months, both of these pics are 2 months old. This means you got these kills on me when I was doing my first nh fights. I'm not denying I sucked then. I was 100% new. I was ranging with a fucking infernal cape and I didn't have a mage cape switch. So idk what you're trying to prove? That I was new when I was new? Yeah, I know that lol. And who knows how many times I killed you on one of your alts you love hiding on. Anyway, if you think you're better you'll nh stake me now, it's ez money for you. Way faster than going to hills and hoping for a 120 stack. Also funny you come at me for autocasting, when you won a dh tourney on that alt by just spamming mage (you didn't even bring a whip).
  6. Daul Penino


    Hi everyone! I'll get to the point quickly, but let me first tell you a story... My first encounter with NH Stank was about 3 months ago, when I started playing this server and wasn't even nhing yet. I went into a tribrid tournament where everyone was saying that NH Stank is garbage. I never knew whether it was a meme or not. Now I do. Today I was unfortunate enough to experience what this sad excuse for a ragger calls "nhing". It mainly consisted of him camping melee pray whenever I wasn't frozen, and hoping I don't do the same so he can kill me. I quickly realised we could go on like that for days, and nobody would die. So I camped melee back to show him how pointless this is, and instead challenged him to a NH stake. That's when this goblin kid froze up, for he knew he was outclassed. If we do a nh stake, his only strategy (camping melee) is rendered useless. And so is he. So instead, he kept saying he's better, and some other random flames. (Pics of convos below). But he wouldn't nh stake me, nor would he adress why it's not a valid option. He would just keep repeating I'm bad and flaming me, while ignoring my challenges to a NH stake. Even his cocksucker Jukemeluke, who only got his cock out of his mouth for about 1 minute to argue with me, could not tell me why NH staking is not a valid option. He argued for a bit, and when he was supposed to tell me what's wrong with NH staking, he teleported away. Btw Luke, don't choke on that thick cock babe... So @nh tank, I'm calling you out here for everyone to see what a bitch you are. Are you going to accept my challenge, or are you going to let everyone here see what a scared little bitch you are? Tbh I assume you're going to keep hiding in the sewers like the incompetent rat you are, but maybe you're going to accept and prove me wrong. The truth is, I've only been nhing for a little over 3 months, and you've been at this shit for years. So if you're fucking scared of Daul Penino, that's ok, but everyone's gonna laugh at you even more than they already are. Also, for the other angry ego nhers, I'm kinda new to nhing, so I'm not claiming to be #1. I'm not even claiming to be good. All I'm claiming is that I'm better than this goblin boy named NH STANK. So before all of you pile on to challenge me, let him respond first. NH STANK, if you think you're better, you're going to do it, because it's ez money for you. We can do like 20k per stake or 50k and do bo3/bo5. And if you're going to complain staking is more rng, we can even do a bo9. So no excuses. The slapshop has just opened and you can be the first customer. Your move, bitch.