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  1. I mean at least im farming u for 07 money while ur posting casual lms winnings where theres actually nothing to be won and ppl dont care if they die... cba arguing with a retard tho ur the best bro!
  2. obsessed fanboy stalking me on forums thinks i care bout this topic lmfao... i got more kills on this guy than he put in the topic... and thats me alone
  3. I think that "Parky12345" is one of mascots of roat pkz and should absolutely NOT be banned. Whoever wishes to can blacklist him, and killing him also presents an interesting challenge since he tabs so quickly, so he should be let to do his thing imo.
  4. I think vls is pretty shit on roat, on 07 its op, but personally on here most of the time it hits shit. Javs are pretty powerful, but with range already being the weakest style in the end game, I think its fine if they stay. So I don't think any of these items need to be removed, but I do think they could be made harder to get (you shouldn't be able to get them out of your first key right at the start).
  5. Made a quick vid to enter the competition. How to enter the giveaway: 1. Like the video, 2. Comment your IGN below. Enjoy!
  6. Also agree ::gwd shouldn't be made a thing or people can just spectab and get back to cave way too easily.
  7. Tefy u only pk when you have 2-3x the numbers of opposing cc(s), and still manage to die for max... meme
  8. @Tesfxye Ye obv when u guys keep hiding we take alot of brews&tank shield, but thats my set for literally 2-4v10ing u clowns lmfao... ill do an even numbers run in vs u clowns in any setup anytime lmfao... but i think clan cups/07 tourneys alrdy showed what would happen lmfao victim
  9. Wasnt a solo trip, he had his whole cc trying to save him (#HELP TEFFY):
  10. Lmfao tessy always bitching about "karambwan brids" but actually uses them himself vs someone who doesn't even have them... cringe
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