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  1. i got muted and i don't know the reason plz unmute i or show me why i got muted thanks
  2. when the giveaway will start bunq we are waiting
  3. voller is happy i hope that youre happy
  4. voller


    lol pkt sucks destroyed the game and i have 1k
  5. voller


    i am sad becouse that the pk item in shop are not needed anymore like vls and dfs and b ring i they are not needed and becuse the the 100pkt can buy alot of items plz gretar remove the pkt they are destroing the game
  6. okey now i send informations to gretar email :[email protected] but i want to know if that help if the acc is stoled how he will know that this acc is mine
  7. okey but the email if i send him how i will get my pw back
  8. i need help to get my acc how i can talk with gretar ??
  9. voller


    thanks and i need another help i am 1day old but i was old player and donor how i can get my acc back plz i emailed the owner in fourms no answer and thanks for helping
  10. voller


    voting error i cant do vote what is the proplem, when it will be fixed
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