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  1. voller

    i got muted

    i got muted and i don't know the reason plz unmute i or show me why i got muted thanks
  2. voller

    New Staff / Promotions

    i agree with this
  3. voller


  4. voller

    Mr Jake Cleared At ::Easts 4-0

    i dont know ahahahaha just feel itt
  5. voller

    Mr Jake Cleared At ::Easts 4-0

  6. voller


    when the giveaway will start bunq we are waiting
  7. voller

    Voting is back!

    voller is happy i hope that youre happy
  8. voller


    lol pkt sucks destroyed the game and i have 1k
  9. voller


    i am sad becouse that the pk item in shop are not needed anymore like vls and dfs and b ring i they are not needed and becuse the the 100pkt can buy alot of items plz gretar remove the pkt they are destroing the game
  10. voller

    Voting is back!

    Great job thanks
  11. voller

    New Cosmetic Poll

    good luck with that
  12. voller

    account back

    okey thanks guys
  13. voller

    account back

    okey now i send informations to gretar email :[email protected] but i want to know if that help if the acc is stoled how he will know that this acc is mine