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  1. Yes I have a Facebook yes I have a real life wow don't burn me please!
  2. Has anyone spoken to yoobs today? I'm afraid he might have necked himself after going through l0x's and my Facebook accounts only to realize he doesn't have half the life we do @Gretar image made by @l0x @insoyisgay @Yoobs right now
  3. Yeah top 10 in Accounting in the nation is pretty bad. What community college are you attending?
  4. Thanks for the input Castial. I am letting it go. Smackd and Bind are already on suicide watch, it'd be a shame if Yoobs was too.
  5. Please stop flaming me. It's against rule #4.
  6. I love when people get so defensive that they start trying to prove they're not a loser. Sounds good. Discussion over.
  7. If you had put this much effort into your education, you probably could have gone to college. Shame.
  8. I accept your apology. Thanks for realizing you were in the wrong.
  9. I'd like to take anything you say seriously but I can't with that gay as fuck signature. You do realize this is a rsps forum right? Yikes. Your estrogen must be through the roof.
  10. Looks really good. You are talented. Too bad it was made for such a dingus. He probably needed help saving it and putting it in his sig.
  11. You contradicted yourself this entire post. Please don't ever talk again. Yeah he agrees now once Gretar and the rest of the staff turned on him. You should have seen Yoobs when I tried exposing Bind and Bind still had the staff on his side. Total dick rider. But thats how Yoobs is, a follower not a leader. He doesn't even know why he doesn't like me because I never did anything to him. The rest of the mods don't like me so he doesn't either. Pretty amusing.
  12. @Bind U Dead Im going to give you about an hour to change your signature before I report you for staff impersonation.
  13. Yeah dont take me seriously even though I exposed Bind many times and got muted for it. Now you kind of look like an idiot for dick riding him this entire time. edit: you are next if you keep abusing your powers and jailing people for hitting huge specs on u and making u shit ur pants.
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