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  1. Hello, haven't made video's in years so don't mind the editing at start Also enjoy, hopefully last song doesn't get removed :X
  2. Never met such a toxic little manchild in the community, and I've met a lot :') Anyways this man is bridding in fcape so he has no right to speak whatsoever. Old g's would understand. Pce out nigga.
  3. Thanks for the reply boys. Also; my thoughts on the new client
  4. This is the 2nd time I lose all of my shit due this KBD bug.. fucking hell fix it
  5. Username: waffieownd How long have you been playing roatpkz: I think about 2 years? Not sure. Long enough though. Can you provide your own items: Yah Can you join skype/ts3: Ofcourse Which position do you think you would fit best: I excell at all 3. How you think you'll benefit the team: I know most of the people in em, I'm a good team pker, pro full tber, like bringing some enthousiasm and I can fit well in toxic communities with ppl who are to good in this game aswell.
  6. I look forward to it, ign is waffieownd
  7. There there children, calm down. This sunday 6PM GMT we'll have a 5v5 vs HICK0RY and his cc.
  8. Yah it's cocky. And it's good for him you set him in his place. Still I'd rather have someone in my clan who's consistently good with shit gear then someone who has to rely on max.
  9. Nice vid m8. I like how you consistently right click the spec weps
  10. > formed this team yesterday > went pking > shout out on forums for a 5v5 cause multi is dead How am i still hiding? PM'ed. Thanks to #Rot for consistently donating, if it wasn't for you and your teammates who dropped 2 AGS's for me I'd still be poor now. Thanks #rot
  11. Thanks for those who got up to me and challanged me. It's been 3 days and we've now gathered a group of great NH/Brids! Our first Pking trip went as planned; the team of Murgeemaster/SeekNDestroy/Bigdaddyjake G-unit?) were cleared in just a few seconds at lvl 30 jad. Respect for SeeknDestroy coming back for us at 44s. For any (dead) clans/teams out there; we would like to 5v5 you for fun. Interested in joining, check the topic @ recruitment.
  12. The cc will be filled in no time. So far few people had beat me, for those I welcome our newest members: - Rot James (2-1) - Glvenchygirl (not to be confused with Givenchygirl) (0-1) - Doctor NH (2-1)
  13. Updates on recruitment. Online now - @The Sh4dow 3 relativly close NH fights. - @budda cup -won- 4 very close bandos-dds brid fights. - @that1guy -won- 3 nh fights, second one was close. I'll be giving 2nd chances for everyone. Thanks for challanging and trying to join #Fiesta. Unfortunately this wasn't your day.
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