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  1. who r u though some any next roat forums librarian admin and don't chat my name deep it imagine being shook so u put man on content watch
  2. u still have youtube rank in 2018 did u remember
  3. imagine still playing this server in twenty zero one eight
  4. Imagine being upset because I mentioned how horrible your home server is n u still play this shit? the forums is big banter to me u getting upset cus I prove time and time again this server is shit and imagine getting name change to feel more powerful loool dumb ogre head back to microsoft pinball init only a bitch will get upset
  5. ur the obsessed one u try to flame me about ticks and dummys cus u aint got shit to say dumb zombie
  6. I drag 2way on 07? i think ur mistaken cause u got a grape for a brain heres gif video: https://i.gyazo.com/cad5dea37e3f1b572c3e994b9d77db1a.mp4 yh k here ur server source btw disgusting pi
  7. here some videos if wasn't for me ur little shitty server wouldn't be partly fixed imagine having the same broken hit delay for 6 years up until 5months ago thinking combat is like 07 im dead imagine for 6 years u lot was pking with fucked up hit tick delay forcing 07 style on this shitty pi what a madness
  8. imagine camping one server with no tick system
  9. The usual lot getting bullied on their home server embarrassing
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