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  1. JO pls unjal Ontario 2, he had spoken with a mod and the forgot logged and forgot too u jail:ontario2 pls unjail thank you
  2. sinister sorry too bother you again but.. can we  pls fix this problem i think i am close to fixing it but i need ur expertise man pls i just wana play the server

  3. can u pls help me.. why wont anyone help me.. asking for 2 days now


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    2. chillbone
    3. Bind U Dead

      Bind U Dead

      Try remove roatpkz cache. Then redownload client.                      

    4. chillbone


      i tryed that already but the problem is when i download the client i see it on my desktop as an internet explorer link and not like java or somtin.. i tryed converting it to java but then i got the message wich i cant remember but i put in one of my posts whats in the message

  4. i see your online.. cud u help me now?

  5. could anyone PLEASEE help me!??!?!?!
  6. sinister could u pls help me out??

    when i try download the client from the homepage

    i get an internet explorer sign on my desktop ..wtfs this about and how do i fix that..


    ps: when i convert it into a winrar file i have no application that says play.bat or something like that pls respond so i can play

    1. chillbone


      hey sinister would you please look what i can do, check my last posts pls and see what you can do with it.. u never responded on my last message so we couldnt do the teamview thing anymore..

      perhaps tomorrow i see some response

      gr chillbone


  7. hey sinister,

    I checked the topic u send me too.

    but that did not work for me i still can not open the webclient nor download the client properly..


    pls help me i've been struggling for over 2 hours now.. and im getting tired of it


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