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  1. Bind U Dead

    Reporting Gretar

    Player has been dealt with, thanks for the report!
  2. Bind U Dead

    forgot my password

    You'll need to recover your account manually since you didn't set an email on your account, use this link: http://forum.roatpkz.com/index.php?/topic/31-how-to-recover-your-roat-pkz-account/ Goodluck.
  3. Bind U Dead

    RoatPkz PK Video Contest Results

    Grats to the winners.
  4. Bind U Dead


    My boy Rahal will always be in my heart
  5. Bind U Dead

    PK Video #10

    My boy #1 pker
  6. Bind U Dead

    im back #kingfred

    Welcome back.
  7. Bind U Dead

    free af

    Easy 4 my boy Andrew
  8. Bind U Dead

    update to saved kits

    There's lots of amulets in-game, doesn't make sense to only make it in this order (torture>fury>glory), unless if the rest of the amulets are added to the order you've suggested then you'll have my support. Nonetheless, good suggestion.
  9. Bind U Dead

    Random pking

    Easy 4 my boy Ban
  10. Bind U Dead


    King hatcx init
  11. Bind U Dead

    [Basic] Roat Pkz Support signature

    Great work fam
  12. Bind U Dead


    Welcome back buddy.
  13. Bind U Dead

    Roat Pkz PK Video Contest ($500 IN REWARDS)

    Good luck everyone.