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    Welcome back brother!
  2. Rule #13: Ragging/RushingPlayers of Roat Pkz community are not to rag or rush at Meth, Easts, Wests, Risk, Graves or Brid/Edgepvp. Punishments will be handed out on sight by staff if you're caught by them. Ragging and rushing at edge is OK until it becomes unbearable for players (in other words- constantly ragging/rushing at Edge after being warned to stop or a staff member saw you on spot and dealt with you). Ragging and rushing includes but is not limited to, Excessively attacking another player that is not interested in fighting with you, repeatedly pjing a certain player, repeatedly fighting with overheads when the player asks not to use overheads & attacking then teleporting continuously, repeatedly teleblocking players and teleporting away.
  3. https://roatpkz.com/donate/ Scroll down, click on “Top Donors”, you’ll find our top 15 donors.
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