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  1. I dont play anymore but good to see @jblind getting what he deserves. Gz man
  2. Its [email protected] but theyre tricky af, cant email them directly. I did a request for forgotten username for another account i made, a mod emailed me so i just replied back to him.
  3. Yeah man haha, thought id give it a shot. Never emailed me back or anything. I tried logging on today and it worked, i was in shock lmao.
  4. Update: emailed jagex some bs and its unbanned
  5. I know, they wouldnt ban an account that's inactive. Never used a third party, my guess is i got hacked. But, under jagex rules, it's my fault that my account was hijacked. Im annoyed but its whatever at this point.
  6. Around 107 i believe. Had the quest point cape and fire cape. Cba to do the grind again.
  7. Appreciate it but its alright man. Just kinda bs how i got permed when i havent played in years and it happened 3-4 months ago? Was just wondering if there was a way around it. Ohwell, RIP
  8. Hey everyone, Was just wondering if anyone knows how to appeal a macro ban on 07. Doesnt give me an option to appeal, but the thing is i never botted once on the acc. Wanted to start up 07 again after a while of not playing and my acc is perm banned. Rip lol
  9. Im not being sarcastic though, haha. For real, it was weird af. If ya want ill lend ya 1k for a new pouch when i get home
  10. That happened to me too, my ely just magically disappeared on me. Weird
  11. As title says, pm me here or ig: -Zabuza
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