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  1. Didn't show up to the fight, #clrd @Gretar
  2. pyd is goofy as fuck did i win cos he said it in the thread title not the post like you said @Pyd
  3. Dear Players, So I know it seems like the server hasn't been getting that many updates since I've joined, and whilst this list should be bigger, unfortunately I don't remember everything I've done, so this is everything I've had logged since this morning, all with the exception of the changes to PID should be launched relatively soon, now before people ask why the PID change isn't happening ASAP, please understand that how PID was working previously, it was just who's number is smaller than the others, now this is somewhat true to the new change, that number will be changing on a random interval we're not going to be releasing, with a change like this it can cause some major issues, so it will need play testing thoroughly by staff members, a good example would be immediately after this, although the my local server seemed fine, when PID switched in combat, both players would hit 3 times, why? because things such as that happen when you make changes to the core of the game, now without further ado, here's the list from today: Infinity boots have been fixed for female characters A message is now sent went drinking Sanfew serum or any other anti-poison stating how long you're immune to poison. Doses are now sent as a message to your chatbox after drinking a dose of potion The interfaces at places such as ::brid, ::taco etc etc have been updated to use the OSRS Interfaces; Old: New: Changing your clan chat colour will no longer change your PM Colour due to complaints 3rd Age Bow can now fire Dragon Arrows Players who have been inactive for longer than 5 minutes will stop following a player, if they were previously following a player. The Dark bow has recieved a buff to it's special attack, it kicks ass in void, but doesn't hit constant 8's when you're not wearing it! Occult amulet (or) has been added to both Client & Server, the occult necklace (or) cannot be sold to a any shop for currency, due to it being an item drop from battle-mages Kodai Wand has been fixed to add 15% damage bonus PID System has been updated to shuffle players, meaning PID is now randomised. There has also been a few more updates that are either not being released yet (but are done) or I simply can't remember them, the main thing that's stopping me from progressing is the client, I've had 7-10 people turn their nose away from the client, and their more knowledgeable with clients then I am, with that said we've bumped up the price we're paying, so hopefully the client will get the lick of life it needs. Everything (apart from PID) is ready to go into the live game, whether we apply these updates before or after checking the new PID system is beyond me. Countless other systems have been implemented (for the better) however they also need proofing as they're big changes, and we need to ensure no random crashes are caused with them, or any weird bugs! P.S Yes we're aware of the Battle Mage (Guthix) not giving points, it's been fixed but we did that yesterday the patch is waiting to applied to the live game, we're also aware of the issue with the kodai wand maxing 38 not 39, that has also been patched as stated above. P.S.S If you want to report bugs to me directly, forum PM's is your best bet rather than saying them over yell or PM'ing me ingame Thank's, Gretar & Affliction
  4. Dear Players, This is a quick thread just to let you know, we're aware that the server is offline, however there isn't anything we can do about it, due to our dedicated server provider has a power outage, this is not under our control, the server will be back soon as the provider fixes the issues and Gretar is online to start the game server again. As a small apology for this inconvenience, we will be adding Ancestral equipment to the game Dedicated server & Game is now online, thanks to our provider restoring their network fault. Thank's Affliction
  5. Drop table wasn't my idea, take it up with boss man, @Gretar
  6. Dear Players, The following updates have occurred today: OSRS Right Click Menu has been added. Mage Arena has been added, you can now kill Battle Mages for Mage Arena Points Mage arena points can be exchanged at Kolodion for the following: Kodai Wand - 1,000 points. Max capes: Guthix max cape - 500 points Saradomin max cape - 500 points Zamorak max cape - 500 points Jad has had the following item added to his drop table: Fire max cape Magic has had it's accuracy changed to the OSRS Formula (both accuracy and defence) Broadcast messages for Tournaments and Wilderness bosses have been updated. Battle Mages have the following drop table: Common Mage's book Master wand Seer's ring (i) Spirit shield Blessed spirit shield Super combat potions from 1 dose to 4. Extremely Rare: Toxic staff of the Dead Occult Necklace Thank's, Gretar & Affliction.
  7. Affliction


    Already organising it
  8. The problem with an NPC handling dicing is that, although it can take out items of the game, it'll add a lot more items into the game then you'd think, unless the NPC would handle Dice Duelling between players, which I'd just be inclined to write a fully functioning auto dice & flower poker system which would render the NPC's useless, why? the amount of scamming that happens at the Duel Arena speaks for it's self, so for me (as a player, not as a developer) I'd rather not have it, unless it was an item that was untradeable and could only be obtained by donating, why? because most people who pay X for the Dice Bag, wouldn't scam unless their willing to lose their dice bag they paid for.
  9. I don't support it, but that's not important, players choice not mine.
  10. Dear Players, First of all, I'd like to say I hope everyone has had a great new years, & a just as good festive holidays! So jumping straight into everything, I've spent 3 days looking at (and updating) the Server & Client, and I'm now confident, to talk about the changes in full detail publicly, so I guess the first thing we can talk about is the Client, which isn't my preferred area & will be gaining help outside of Roatpkz development team (out of my own pocket). Please note, there are far more things, I have planned, but the following are things, I know that can be done, relatively easily or quickly, this isn't all that's planned for the client. Giving the client a lick of paint The client currently holds issues with FPS, memory usage and well although some of the systems that are implemented, work fine, others do not, so the following things will be added (below are what's going to be added, and the reasoning behind it): OSRS Data Maps This will help towards fixing the pathing, as the client currently loads, 377, 474, 508 & Custom maps, the back-end of the server does not have these files, replacing them with OSRS (and re-adding the custom maps) will allow us to fix the clipping (I.E tiles that you can't walk on/walk around them, or just make you run backwards) NPC's on my current task list, adding all the OSRS Bosses (Wilderness, Zulrah, etc etc) are in my list, which wouldn't be good for the client unless they are packed, the more we hardcode/load external models, animations & graphics the more strain it's going to put on the client when you're in those areas, this is primarily to avoid any more FPS & Memory issues. Items Most of my task list when it comes to items are new OSRS Items, and the list doesn't stop there, there's plenty more suggestions with a lot of support for these anyway, but don't worry, we'll make sure your PvP Armour doesn't go anywhere, this will also allow us to update the model header, meaning items like Spirit shields will now be animated. Animations & Graphics As you can see, a lot of the graphics such as the Armadyl godsword during the special attack doesn't look quite right, same with the animation for Dragon Claws, although the current OSRS animations for Dango's Claws (Dragon Claws models & animations) don't look quite right, we can fix these if we hold out till past the 7th of January, which is when raids is released) New/Refreshed interfaces Bank This will be updated to match the current OSRS Bank interface, although Bank Tabs may not be available straight away, it's something we can certainly implement, your character files pretty much already support it. Player Panel The quest tab (Player Panel), looks quite outdated, this can also be updated to hold the current look as the OSRS quest tab, including the Minigames & Achievement button switches, which we can use to hold additional information instead of having a stroll tab. Quick-prayer This is quite simple to add both Server & Client sided, kinda self explanatory. plenty more can be updated, but for now these are the ones that stick out like a sore thumb. I suppose that's really all I need to talk about as far as the clients concerned at the moment, so let's get into the server. With the new OSRS Data, there will be a huge amount of new content coming into the game, so I'll start by listing them, before we get into any technical stuff, these will be released alongside the client update. The new items that will be available, soon as the client update takes place will be the following: Heavy Ballista Rune & Dragon Javelins Rangers' Tunic Ardougne cloak (1 through 4) Max Cape Ava's Ardougne Fire Guthix Saradomin Zamorak Additional castle wars items: Decorative magic hat Decorative magic robe top Decorative magic robe legs Decorative range top Decorative range legs Decorative range quiver Toxic blowpipe Now that's all sorted, let's talk about bug fixes/issues that I'm confident I can fix; Combat calculations This includes, all combat styles Melee Max hits Magic Magic accuracy Ranged Max hit & accuracy It's evident there's something a bit off with them, often your max hit is higher than it's displayed at the dummy's with some weapons, alongside this max mage splashes an awful lot on welfare gear (along with most armours too) & ranged just seems to be all over the place, a bit hit and miss. Pathing Figured I'd address these two first as their the most complained about so far, I'm going to start off by saying the current pathfinding system is a system I used in 2008 and released in 2009, it has no logical sense (assuming no-one has made modifications to it), either way it's either 8 or 9 years old, coming up in July and just plain bad. List of bugs that have been fixed already (but are not yet ready to be released): Running back into designated areas at ::risk after you've left, due to being hit by ranged/magic. Being able to use prayers whilst the dying/dead method is being called to protect item after you've been smited. You can now Walk/Run, although Gretar is unsure whether he wants the standard 100% Energy system implemented, you can now walk instead of straining your players legs by running everywhere. The server should no longer have what seems like latency lag after 200 players, there was a method being called for every player, every tick which would of caused server lag, rather than "client lag" Item amount colours have been fixed (old new the small details also make a lot of difference) When examining items over 100k will now be displayed as 100,000 rather than 100000. Content that's currently being written or has already been complete: Heavy Ballista - incomplete, waiting for OSRS Anims & Graphics before finishing them instead of cheap haxing Max cape combining (using Ava's accumulator, Fire Cape, God Capes or Ardougne Cloak on a regular max cape to change it's colour, bonuses and effects) - Complete Toxic blowpipe - incomplete, waiting for OSRS Anims & Graphics, however the items uses (charging, depleting, loading & unloading are complete, losing scales and darts in combat). Vengeance timer resets when you get a kill (if you do not have vengeance casted). A new Door/Gate, Ladder & Stairs systems - complete just need to do the configuration for the objects in question. don't get me wrong, this isn't everything, there's so much more things to do, but I also need to make sure I do everything perfectly, so for now there's no ETA, but these are what you can expect to see in the near future (all at the same time). P.S There's more content being worked on then I listed, but I can't just give away all our secrets, can I? Thank's for reading, Affliction
  11. Wow, this made me laugh obnoxiously loud in a discord call. 21, had the stroke when I was 18. Need to speak to Gretar about it first, before people said 5k Kills, but I'm unsure if there will be a PKP Requirement as well.
  12. To be fair, I legitimate do have a brain haemorrhage from my stroke, so yeah :')
  13. They could do now if they wanted to, nothing's stopping them.
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