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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hAkDCyhkLAM
  2. Hello staff team. ING: Armadyl Gz Problem: My computer crushed like 6-8 months ago and i quited... now i got new one and trying log in, its says "Security code" i can't remember what this code was and now can't LOG IN. Please staff team help me out.
  3. InGame Name?: Armadyl gz Timezone That You Live In?: Estonia Clanning Experience? (Leave Blank If None): Mayahem makers(no joke 2006-2007) PKing Experience?:10/10 Can You Hybrid? :yes Can You Nh? :idk RPKZ Join date? :2011
  4. haha, do u think pure is def 1 only? idiot nerd, what about zerkers , initiate pures(my fav), obby tanks.. nub
  5. Thanks bride Thanks, can't atm school ...
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