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  1. Legit gonna compete in this just for the lols
  2. Gwd is a possibility but raids are too much to try and implement into a PVP based server
  3. repent

    I'm back

    Hey mike it me Lee
  4. Imagine spending the majority of your teenage/young adult years looking out a window playing roatpkz
  5. I really like the strength boost you get from the clamp and ornate handle
  6. A full time job they were never actually hired for
  7. U gonna open personacord again or what
  8. If u don’t got the clicks U a little boy to me I’ll kiss you on ya forehead
  9. Only wins and draws I don’t take L’s
  10. your life is so wasted and shallow you NEED roatpkz in order to be happy Overall
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