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  1. repent


    Idk man that’s not too much of my concern I’m only playing this game for my level 99 in monster slaying
  2. repent


    Jheeez ^^^
  3. repent


    The epicenter of your social life IS roatpkz so please stop calling everyone else antisocial
  4. repent


    Every post you make goes something like: ”didn’t read haha got you!” ”go slice ur wrists” ”do u even play?” ”fuck this one actually hurt my feelings guess I gotta mute this guy now”
  5. repent


    I play lol Idk why any of these guys are like “coming to florida in August be ready ” like ur gonna get into a irl fistfight over roatpkz LMFAO get a grip
  6. repent


    You don’t now Alan rickman
  7. ? Farming emblems as in stacking a lot of t1s and upgrading them as a whole
  8. Stupid suggestion tbh a lot of people farm emblems
  9. Which was like 2 years post to me starting you’re still new
  10. Lmaooo frail bald looking ass dude Nigga doesn’t look like he had a rough childhood that man had a rough CHILDBIRTH
  11. That’s fine and all but by no means are you a man of any stature you’re a 20 year old boy
  12. McDonald’s isn’t a job lol that’s somewhere 14-year-olds go to learn what the job routine is like
  13. If your parents loved you they’d teach you how to be an adult and provide for yourself
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