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  1. Eyes is sorey bows... eyes caynt reeeeeed
  2. Wouldn’t make a difference when 20k brews would only cost like 45k pkp
  3. Can he sing? When they were slaves, they were singing like birds
  4. repent


    That head band lmfaooo lookin like big smoke omfg
  5. I have a super huge list of questions I need answers to! Jordan come help me!!
  6. repent


    John legend green light
  7. Come play apex/GTA with me - user “Luck549”
  8. Looks like I’m gonna start playing Roatpkz again and empty your items 2x also your ban from roatpkz after losing your bo3 loser quits with Stijn doesn’t have an expiry date, you can’t just wait a couple of years and think you could come back Willy nilly! @Legend™ DROP the BAN hammer LEE IS KING
  9. Do we have to take our vows in front of the godswood and stand on a 700 ft wall until the end of our days
  10. Why are you still posting on random ass topics trying to flame literally everyone that says anything
  11. The combat system has always been clunky on this game - sometimes it’s more obvious to where it’s coming from-how ever, I’d say that as of right now the roat combat system is probably the best it has ever been and doesn’t need any changes that might make things worse
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