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  1. Nice video Matt I can really see your improvements
  2. Keep talking like that son I’m gonna come home drunk and beat the shit out of mommy
  3. I don’t want the role I want the RESPECT that comes with being a veteran on ROAT PKZ
  4. You seem like you’re really insecure about your skills and tactics outside of ags gmauling
  5. The color scheme in this video makes the game look gloomy and depressing
  6. Ibbe and westham are the better hybrids only reason they didn’t get first is because of the fact it was strictly an edgepvp video
  7. @yO iM bKxD Arthropods production lvl?
  8. Use a recoil and a glory to crossbow have a dbow as a spec
  9. Third year in a row you’ve done this you think people would learn that you’re not very creative
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