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  1. A full time job they were never actually hired for
  2. U gonna open personacord again or what
  3. If u don’t got the clicks U a little boy to me I’ll kiss you on ya forehead
  4. Only wins and draws I don’t take L’s
  5. your life is so wasted and shallow you NEED roatpkz in order to be happy Overall
  6. This personality and self inflated ego of yours must really be what the ladies like
  7. What world do you live in where people have sex and immediately runs to brag about it to their friends/family()/runescape private server randoms ?? Also tinder is literally KNOWN for not being for long term commitment, that’s probably what they tell you as an easy way of letting you down rather than destroying your glass cannon of an ego. I’m ending this here simply because there’s no point in trying to speak facts to someone who lacks the maturity level to understand that people don’t keep 16 year old mindsets about sex throughout their 20s
  8. This is pathetic we are all in our early to mid 20s there is NO reason that u should feel proud of getting tail bc its sooo much easier and less of a status symbol than it was years ago- get your head straight little guy Righttttt a lot of girls go on tinder seeking long term relationships! You’re a fucking fool
  9. Sounds like you’re one of the people who does it lol
  10. Remind u this is the same guy who said he was on the run from the feds and that he killed someone irl
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