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  1. repent


    Maybe just fire internet speeds
  2. repent


    Well I haven’t noticed any lag tbh but I’m playing from the US and my ping is no higher than 30
  3. repent


    Game is much better than what I left is as being. Can truly admire the progress greater has made on improvements. Combat system is decent now too feels like everyone has a lot of money. I mean like a fuckload. Economy is obv in good standing because there’s still a lot of poor ppl and ppl with mild amounts of money, but my god are some players extremely rich. PKing and events to make money are amazing. LMS is active and it’s coded perfectly, just feels like there’s so much going on all the time that it doesn’t seem possible to do it all, which idm. idk this is just a post going over my thoughts on this game after a 2.5 year break from it. Obv I can’t pk for shit anymore (not that I could before xD) plus the presence of pking on a chrome book w a touchpad doesn’t help. whats the best money maker. Thanks
  4. Legit gonna compete in this just for the lols
  5. Gwd is a possibility but raids are too much to try and implement into a PVP based server
  6. repent

    I'm back

    Hey mike it me Lee
  7. Imagine spending the majority of your teenage/young adult years looking out a window playing roatpkz
  8. I really like the strength boost you get from the clamp and ornate handle
  9. A full time job they were never actually hired for
  10. U gonna open personacord again or what
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