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  1. repent


    @zeplin99 high hp isn’t really a want or a need on a pure don’t want the extra cmb lvls bc not everyone has the same stats on rs like they do on here so it’s nice to try and take advantage of the leveling system
  2. repent


    Don’t lie ur punching the air as we speak
  3. repent


    Relax buddy take off your Roatpkz admin badge off for half a minute and realize that this game is the only thing you’ve accomplished in your life for the past 3 years u degenerate 17 year old prepubescent virgin stop trying to play white knight there’s no need to defend erca especially when he’ll just kill any nigga that looks at him the wrong way Don’t rlly care about your false proclamations about your “legal issues” - especially when you would act like a really nice law abiding citizen up until the point where 07 pkers started acting like chiraq savages then u just had to hop on the bandwagon if there’s one person who’s a bigger dumbfuck than erca it would have to be smackd
  4. repent


    Ur a really elaborate liar why would I spend that much time trying to prove your criminal status to me?
  5. repent


    @Same Sea this man took the pic u posted in meridian Skype (guy with the smushed face) chat and sent it to me and was like “yh I did that to him” “tht was me I done did the murder” growling freak looks up to 1013 like a big brother when the guy don’t even know you
  6. repent


    If u want beef then bring the ruckus erca is a bitch and his momma can suck dick
  7. repent


    Shut up retard reading the facts I stated in this topic had you punching the air
  8. repent


    Fuck your whore mother
  9. repent


  10. repent


    Ur an idiot your opinion on any topic is irrelevant because you’ve never received a formal education ur not smart nor logical you act like an Arabic as fuck guy one moment, a freak the next, then somehow u want to act like you’re some college graduate from the school of RuneScape pking when half of the shit you say doesn’t make sense. You’re the literal embodiment of big sister Dee Dee (you won’t know where that’s from you didn’t grow up with television) if u want flame come to this topic and stop trying to act like a spastic on every topic I voice an opinion on regarding pking especially considering I don’t have to even play this game anymore because I’m already like 10-1 on you via success rate (1st world v 3rd world) EDIT: you’re not a murder ur big sis terrifies you
  11. repent

    Roat Pkz Awards Q4 2018

  12. repent

    ultimate expose

    @JBLIND close topic this is aids
  13. repent

    Roat Pkz Awards Q4 2018

    Imagine being so obsessed with me that you feel the need to make other categories as if there isn’t a category specifically made for you from the get-go.
  14. repent

    ultimate expose

    Spastic holy shit