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  1. Bunq

    Fix Roat

    Lol this wont happen guys.. :L i dont know why i posted this
  2. @Gretar @Zoradz Getting boring.. only tournaments is the good thing. Just add the deep wild bosses already and Target System with shop :L.. Bored of STAKING and dead wilderness. Thanks..
  3. Nice updates Gretar, Thanks Zoradz
  4. Bunq

    Roat is dying

    Guys.. its because a new Server Hype & Style..
  5. Player Owned Shops! So I was playing this morning trying to sell some of my stuff and all I was doing was spamming " Sale !!!" every few minutes and it was soooooo boring...(Other players find it boring too i guess) This made me think back to one of the old RSPS I used to play ( not gonna advertise it ) which had a feature which allowed you to set-up your own personal shop which was like an inventory that other players could look in and just buy straight from it as if it were an NPC shop. This allowed people to set their prices to whatever they want ( Currency : PKP ofcourse ). Please this is only a suggestion.. Give feedback guys.. -Bunq
  6. You can take a look at the Bounty Hunter Store i posted on my thread. it would be nice to add em, such as Granite Clamp to make (G Maul -OR-) with few more bounses, and look, also The other items on the picture above. it would be amazing! EDIT : Volcanic whip mix ( used on the abyssal whip to create the volcanic abyssal whip, which makes the whip appear like lava ) Frozen whip mix (used on the abyssal whip to create the frozen abyssal whip, which makes the whip appear like ice ) Ward upgrade kit (used on either the odium ward ormalediction ward to create the odium ward (or) and malediction ward (or) ) Ring of wealth scroll (Make ROW Unspawnable and add Drop rate to it) Magic shortbow scroll (Makes Magic Shortbow -OR- with few more bounses) Saradomin's tear (To make Saradomin Blessed Sword) Rune pouch (Move to Bounty Hunter Store) Granite clamp (used on the granite maul to create the granite maul (or), which alters the maul's appearance) Bounty teleport scroll (Teleports to your Target in wilderness if the suggestion is added) Hunter's honour (Hat) Rogue's revenge (Hat @Zoradz @Gretar @Smackd @Yoobs @Legend™
  7. Since RPKZ is sticking to Oldschool's style then why not add 'Bounty Hunter' to the wilderness? Target system, if you kill your target you get a random 'Emblem' drop from tier 1 to 10 maybe, and make Bounty Hunter shop to use emblems on. Make it like real RS : Emblem Tier 1 = 50,000 bounties Emblem Tier 2 = 100,000 bounties Emblem Tier 3 = 200,000 bounties Emblem Tier 4 = 400,000 bounties Emblem Tier 5 = 750,000 bounties Emblem Tier 6 = 1,200,000 bounties Emblem Tier 7 = 1,750,000 bounties Emblem Tier 8 = 2,500,000 bounties Emblem Tier 9 = 3,500,000 bounties Emblem Tier 10 = 5,000,000 bounties Example of a bounty hunter store : This will make Wild more active and it'll make DEEP wilderness active since high tiers dropped on deep wild levels ? Thanks, Bunq.. (Suggested it b4, but it didnt happen.. i think it's a good idea)
  8. @King Falador Rofl, im bunq.. robert biatch
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