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Found 11 results

  1. giving a starter bag is reasonable because the new players when they join they will go to the wildy for pking their rune's sets wont stand a chance vs dharok's they will litterly get pked on 20-30 seconds even if they had fire cape and fighter torso new players must at least start with 1k pkp/item first if they choose to pk they can at least stand a chance vs dharoks seconde if they choosed to go pvming they can buy some gear whitch will help even if a little bit
  2. Greetings, hope everyone’s day is well. I’d like to get straight into an issue I assumed was going to be fixed years ago, donation reward claims. I understand 80% of the donation system is automatic and usually instant but unfortunately it lacks in granting major milestones that are reached by multiple people daily. For instance, when I reached the $1000 milestone for donating it took multiple days, nearly a week to get my custom reward. Now I’m at the $1500 milestone and the same issue is occurring. It took you guys seconds to confirm and deduct those hundreds, now thousands of dollars from me. I feel almost disrespected in a sense that I’ve forked over so much money and have to wait in order to “celebrate” my milestone achievement when it’s convenient for the staff. I feel their is a huge disconnection between the development team and it’s donors. We are customers that help keep this server online and should be treated priority when donating hard earned money. I come home from work late every night, I work 6 days a week, 65 hours. I don’t have time to be sitting at my desk hoping the right staff member is on/“not busy” in order to get what I paid for.
  3. Sometime during yesterday my account was logged into and "hacked" i wouldn't even call it hacked, they took 12,000pkp like what.. A forums post was also made from my account saying i sold 1.1mil pkp for oldschool currency, that is fake news. Im guessing they wanted to get me ip banned before i had a chance to notice anything. Anyway how can i further secure my account to prevent these types of actions? Thanks for not banning me as well.
  4. In-game Name:gl bro wins Youtube Channel (URL):https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvlH00nk8ieU0XPLIS6Vpzw?view_as=subscriber Why Should we pick you? : I'll be uploading videos on Roatz 2 times a week
  5. This is what I mean Jblind you say no support on my SS topic so clearly you dont want me as staff for a reason, so if you want me to change then tell me the reason dont just sit there and blindly say no support I think you state no reason because you have none, you are worried I might get the spot to prove myself, afraid people will like me more than urself by the way you act Jbuser, I assume RoatPKZ is your first time as staff. You might have noticed when I disagree with the way someone is doing something I give reasons and use sources to prove my claims I am not you Jblind I dont speak out my ass and say "No support" I reckon you grow a pair and state reason so I can improve rather than being a lazy prick who dares stand before me and pretend to be a good staff member whilst fuckong over everyone you lie to by stating your a good staff member.
  6. https://s1.postimg.org/3gt4jy9hv3/over.png <---- if Image breaks https://s1.postimg.org/7ey9esn5vz/over1.png <----- if image breaks https://s1.postimg.org/844aczj4m7/over2.png <----- if image breaks It's been done. I've finally made it over the zamp2 wall. I, and only I know the way over the wall. No one will be told how to do the glitch, because I alone made it I alone will know it. The secret of the Zamp2 wall will die with Xex, the king! @Gretar please give me a new yell tag [Best Bug abuser] for all of the bugs i've found on this rsps. kys jays of the blind/Smackers for not tping me there when I asked months ago.
  7. Ok, since the server got so many updates. why not just eco reset it aswell? I got all the good items and over 200k pkp, even had customs. So tired of that and it seems like everyone has ags and many have max gear etc.. I think its about time the server get a fresh start. Iknow this would be unfair to the non donors as they might been doing alot of pvm for money. Make it so donors get what they donated for back or 50% of it. Or nothing like regular player? Idc, I just want a fresh economy
  8. So I think its about time we have a server reset. The donators get their donations back maybe. Might not be fair to the non donors that just made bank. But im willing to start fresh with nothing even tho im a donor. Just so we can have a fresh economy.
  9. Pegasi


    Why the tf was the gmaul nerfed? It fails hitting 5-10s on pures 80% of the time. And its slower. Bring it back and make it cost 5k or whatever.
  10. Ok, im tired of the current weapons. Remove the claws from the shop, give people 1-7 days to sell all the claws they have to the shop or just convert all claws to 700-800pkp. Then add it by killing a monster drop them or make them cost 10-20k pkp. Add a little buff or dont, but make them more accurate. Add korasi (WE NEED THIS). Make it rlly expensive so not everyone is running around with a korasi if people consider it op. Since chaotics are useless, add primals. Primal 2h, Primal maul, Primal longsword, Primal rapier, Primal armour. Make it can only be donated so the server will also get more support. Add handcannon or ballista. Ok maybe some of these ideas are dumb some are great. I dont care how you introduce some of these items to the game. That was just a suggestion on how it can be done. Just consider atleast one of the ideas. Feel free to give me negative and positive feedback.
  11. SO, I often go in edge to pk with max set so the people can have a chance to make bank. I often die actually after 40 kill streak. Anyway so I did this today and sadly the screen frozen? Is this a client crash or did I get ddosed lol ? This has happen to me before but then lost only a gmaul or so did not bother to report it. But now losing vesta,ags, tort,dfs etc.. sad.. look at the screenshot first the people froze then I dc.
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