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  1. Honestly. You need to actually donate for the “legendary” status itself. Not to mention upgrading from each level ( donor, sup donor, extreme donor legendary donor) doesn’t stack. A regular player whom is non donor can pay $170 for legendary and an extreme donor who’s potentially paid $170 assuming he’s bought donor, super then extreme could of payed the same price and still be an extreme donor. It’s not fair. Why should I have to pay over $350 to have legendary status when a new player could join today and pay about half the price and be a higher rank? No respect for the vets. @[email protected]@PK [email protected]
  2. Greetings, hope everyone’s day is well. I’d like to get straight into an issue I assumed was going to be fixed years ago, donation reward claims. I understand 80% of the donation system is automatic and usually instant but unfortunately it lacks in granting major milestones that are reached by multiple people daily. For instance, when I reached the $1000 milestone for donating it took multiple days, nearly a week to get my custom reward. Now I’m at the $1500 milestone and the same issue is occurring. It took you guys seconds to confirm and deduct those hundreds, now thousands of dollars from me. I feel almost disrespected in a sense that I’ve forked over so much money and have to wait in order to “celebrate” my milestone achievement when it’s convenient for the staff. I feel their is a huge disconnection between the development team and it’s donors. We are customers that help keep this server online and should be treated priority when donating hard earned money. I come home from work late every night, I work 6 days a week, 65 hours. I don’t have time to be sitting at my desk hoping the right staff member is on/“not busy” in order to get what I paid for.
  3. I’ve lost 14 in a row before, let me see someone beat that one.
  4. Can we just talk about how legit like 5 of my past post suggestions have been added to the game in some way, im waiting for developer status.
  5. A 5 second timer before being aloud to accept would be nice as well, a lot of people click accept on the second trade screen very fast and inventory slots aren't flashed red when somethings removed.
  6. Hi, I have an issue I donated to the wrong account instead of mauloffro I donated to maul0ffro ( has a zero in "of") Someone please help me. Both accounts are mine I just made the one I donated to literally like 5 years ago and have no clue what the password is.
  7. Sometime during yesterday my account was logged into and "hacked" i wouldn't even call it hacked, they took 12,000pkp like what.. A forums post was also made from my account saying i sold 1.1mil pkp for oldschool currency, that is fake news. Im guessing they wanted to get me ip banned before i had a chance to notice anything. Anyway how can i further secure my account to prevent these types of actions? Thanks for not banning me as well.
  8. Maybe if y'all would stop pking in bronze plate-body's you'd hit.
  9. The day someone pays $100 for a letter ill be shook.
  10. mauloffro

    i'm the best brid

    request for ban #fakenews
  11. Nobody will risk, everyone on this server has fucking gambling issues. I suggest taking duel arena out altogether, this will not only decrease bitching and complaining but increase risk fights.
  12. mauloffro

    Nothing Important

    Can you make an updated post with ur current 50k bank
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