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Found 22 results

  1. Its been a hot minute, but im coming back to roatz.
  2. Link:https://youtu.be/TMDTjDVa_UM
  3. Been thinking about doing this for a while what do u guys think about roatz top 10s if you have any decent clips from roats and u want too be featured send them too [email protected] Any clips welcome wether its pvm or PvP the more extreme the content the higher the rank out of the 10. Make sure u send me the rights too use your clips. Thanks for your time hope too see a fuck load of clips. Stay woke. Prize for 1st place is: 40k pkp Prize for second place is: arcane spirit shield
  4. give me a youtube rank : i started a youtube channel and its name : mr pkp5 like my name in game...
  5. IGN: Lejk1 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKBpVZvgTzGDJaV0k9DzwRQ/featured New chanell with 2 vids so far but i will make sure lots of more videos gets uploaded. A youtube rank would mean a lot and would make my chanell gorow faster.
  6. @Gretar @JBLIND @Smackd In-game Name: CareYoutube Channel (URL):https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7lOzSGaKro464jaHEffQmQ?view_as=subscriberWhy should we pick you ?: Ive been around roat since the day of release I have a passion for the game and a passion for uploading video's. I will do whatever it takes in my power to progress with content + make roat pkz more well known and furthermore I will uploading multiple video's per week! Thank you for your consideration!
  7. In-game Name: Ekys Youtube Channel (URL): https://www.youtube.com/kingekys Why should we pick you ?: I have been making osrs and rsps video's for over 6 years and i enjoy the editing and feedback i get from them. I dont do it for the views as much as i enjoy actually making them. i need people to tell me what they like so i can incorporate it into my videos to make them more pleasurable and get the extra views that i do need. I use sony vegas 15, i actually havent made a video in over 3 years but id like to get back into it. Im abit rusty but it will come back to me and il be better than ever. I love playing around with vegas and photoshop and teaching myself new tricks and how to make a video look epic. Am down to collab with other youtubers and i just got a gaming headset worth alot so i can start making commentaries. I just recently made a pk video for roat pkz its abit rushed (il post below) but if i do get the job il be happy to make more and gain feedback on what i should and shouldnt do. I have over 400 subs on 2 different accounts and a few videos taken down due to sound being muted for copyright. Anyways thanks for your time i hope i get the position. -Ekys
  8. Hey, thanks for checking it out! Just yet another random pking upload. Got some DH pking in edge, a couple of AGS risks and some DH Bridding at the end! Will upload more soon! EDIT - in better quality
  9. Basically Its been tough out here for a yong man.....But luck might be back on my side
  10. Got a new video up for the server, a death and kill montage with the music split with the two videos, hope you enjoy! Watch death montage then kill montage for the best results.
  11. My first ever ROAT pkz video, hope you enjoy bros
  12. Hello, my name in game (IGN) is "TwLn Pkers". I have given away SO much, over 300k+ and i have about 600 subscribers on Youtube, i think i deserve a Youtube Title or Icon at this point, i will post these videos to show i have given away more than ENOUGH, i and also HOPE the community will AGREE as well. <3 you all. *You know who you are* doing a give away RIGHT NOW AS I POST THIS, LOL... IF AT LEAST 20 PEOPLE VOTE FOR THIS, I WILL UPLOAD THESE VIDEOS. Because i REALLY can expand this server POPULATION-WISE. more PLAYERS = MORE FUN. Agree?
  13. Hi guys, check out my second video, on roatpkz, subscribe and like for more - If you watch it, make a comment, and rate the video Thank you <3 <3
  14. Check my first pking video! Dont forgett a like and a sub!
  15. I'm kind of new to video editing so sorry if it looks horrible, lol.
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