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  1. (Multi - Singles) Application Form * Discord username (test#3333) - * Ingame name - * Average playtime per day - * Experiences in PKING - * Got any experience of being in any multi/singles clan - * Age - * Timezone - Offical Discord Server https://discord.gg/4jkN9K8Ct5
  2. Username: viewing Discord: it's an temporar disc account i spoke on. Time Zone: UTC/GMT Daily playtime: depending on day 1-5 hours Why you want to join: For the pking content and events, im down to do them.
  3. Long story short, i've gotten back to roatz, been a minute aswell, not tryina catch any flames, i just came in peace to tell yall that i'm glad that i can even play roatz for once again. Hope to see you all ingame.
  4. Vouching this one, whatsoever yeah i agree with Smackd, safezone would be too easy to handle with.
  5. I'm buying any custom, depends on price @NO LOG
  6. https://discord.gg/UMpgu4 Tune in
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