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    fam keep ur tits chill. I'm not even joking for fuck sake rofl.
  2. Rockshift


    #EMPIRE recruiting members until 20th september! - clan rules - 1. Don't flame clan members. 2. Every single loot ya'll be getting will be shared (if any member helps you). 3. Dont advertise any other clan in our main chat. 4. No bullshit (most likely dont attack own clan mates). 5. Arguing is against rules. 6. No clan hopping (won't be able taking you in clan anymore). Recruitment for clan: 1. Must've be loyal to clan. 2. Take a place with multi pking and etc (events). 3. Knowledge of surviving in multi (Must prove yourself). 4. Must be stepping into wars if we need to. - Rank list - Clan head - rockshift Second head (General) - jamie2099 Captain - N/A Lieutenant - N/A Sergeant - N/A Recruit - N/A Application format (staff) (Sergeant - General) 1. You're irl name (first name, second name, private) - 2. INgame name - 3. The age (private) - 4. Gameplay in roatpkz - 5. How many hours you spend on roatpkz everyday? - 6. Reason you want to get ranked up? - 7. Time zone (private) #EMPIRE
  3. Rockshift

    is elder maul that bad?

    junk asf
  4. Rockshift

    Imagine being poor in 2k18

    well its not hard to rebuild tbh imo
  5. Rockshift


    d defender is allowed.
  6. Rockshift


    @SmackdThe time was added.
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    If you're playing comment the clan name below.
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  9. Rockshift

    Official Mage Arena II Demon Locations

    that shit so hard.
  10. Rockshift

    Xshare Recruitment Thread

    b r o 6 6 u ignorant fuck my account name is b r o 6 6 wtf r u doing kiddo?