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  1. Jblind stop piping retarded clown. Clueless nerd.
  2. upvote if u agree legit. I mean i don't wanna be rude orsmth but, that have been recently too bad for a lot of players. I could name soo much players who could upvote this thing. The system combat should be resetted or someshit. Cuz its just too retarded sometimes u hit like 0s on like few hours and it keeps that way for the few days. And after that the hits are getting a bit better. And then again hits ruining again. Really Gretar, please do somethings with this rng system combat. Thanks...
  3. rot rules begs his shit backkkk xddddd.. btw nice vid mate.
  4. Hmu.. selling gold ankou set 600k pm @wag fly
  5. https://discord.gg/DWkz6p Join up or add me up @ rockshift#4936 #RockyCord
  6. Neither an useless topic lol. Keep the 07 why to change it into a trash?
  7. Rockshift

    Hamito locc?

    Nice post. Thanks for sharing.
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