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  2. @Suckie that was the whole point to get this rank on ur clan. Never wanted to be in your clan tbh rofl.
  3. Well. There is an on point thing i wanna say. Yeah it was funny to play that game literally. Thats even more toxic being than any poison in world rofl. I legit had fun of playing this pathetic server since 2k11. And yeah kind of wanna apologize to everyone i've done shit or being flamed on ya. So my point is on that.. i just cant rebuild anymore nowadays, cant even see point anymore.. i just waste fcking time in wild and pvm and etc to fucking grind for some fucking poor man gp. Thats just insane how roatz has changed. New players came up with they're rngs and shit. Server has totally changed ... and i assume on no rebuild of that caution. So whoever is going to comment below some toxic things idm cuz lol. I've never took smth in heart. And everything i say being toxic/everything is joke but there's full amounts of peeps who just takes everything in heart so yeh. Whatever .. not going to speak or pipe up anymore here. Just have a nice play time here and goodluck to everyone with they're future The reason why i leave is that: I just leave the server cuz of real life things to do. I focus more on my job. And on my own life. Just some advice. Don't ruin ur damn life cuz of pathetic rsps which isnt even well coded. @JBLIND an mention here. Yeah we are such an haters and shit to eachothers but. I'm not gonna lie ur a god damn good admin and keep it up that way. Even if u ain't like toasters.
  4. lol u used max gear got screenshot but ok. i offer u to welf nh me but u decline it. http://prntscr.com/o5mfaz http://prntscr.com/o5mg1v http://prntscr.com/o5mgaa thats ancient staff, rune c bow? and black d hide?
  5. jordan go die irl fucking pathetic fuck. U never answered me how u like toasters retard freak. fucking worst admin ingame - Hope u get demoted one day so i can fucking wipe ur ass out fucking prick 00l0l0l0l0l
  6. u had divine to defend and u just ticked to ags divine to ags l00l0l00l wtf ur bout ur avoiding me rn at 44s with welf gear l00l0l0l0l u aint even answer rofl 0l0l0l0l0l http://prntscr.com/o5ma2y kid brings max gear and says ez l0l i challenged him cuz idh gear n shit and he avoids to welf nh 0l0l0l0l0l0l legit l000l0l0l0l fuckign shitter king hoof arab 0l0l0l0l
  7. kid legit nh's with divine and tells me sit if he kills me with divine. i couldnt hit him shit l0l if im on welf. Come and comment fucktarded kid. Divine nher 0l0l0l0l0l0l0l0l.
  8. zeplin stfu b4 i ddos ur ass out fucking pathetic fucktard. GO REPORT ME NOW RETARD FREAK. GO BACK IN UR DUCK CAVE FUCKING SEAL.
  9. Jordan, u never told me how u like toasters?
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