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    BBC Join ingame "No log" - #BBC Recruitment *Any skills on bridding / tribridding / Tank / pking *Must have discord account Weekly best 3 pkers will be achieved with 15k per face. Neither we do an raffle. Whoever wants to try to win an "elysian spirit shield" has to buy in 10k. Doesn't matter if its item/s or pkp. That only happens once in a week. *Pvming is allowed - there's no rules set for that. Discord: https://discord.gg/P5SXK9 or add me in discord: rockshift#4936 How to earn rank? 1. Don't advertise other clans. 2. No flame baiting own clan members ( will be kicked temporary ). 3. Don't bs own clan members. 4. Don't ask for rank ups. Ranks bonuses - At first, who ever has atleast lieutenant rank + he can be organize whats going on in clan. Neither big drops what pvming / pking causes. They will be in the situation to split loot with the clan members who were there at that moment. * Also lieutenant + ranks will have chance everyday to make giveaways lowkey which will clan leader share to lieutenants. * Permission for lietuenants + to kick or ban peoples out if they do inappropiate things in chat. * Weekly extra bonuses for them (5k) which will be given out after end of the week.
  2. pointless game. I got better stuff to do than play roat or any games.
  3. Rockshift


    rip pixel v1
  4. l0l00ll what is this lmao.... plus i asked for an web designer for rsps web l0l
  5. Any web designer who could do an nice site looking + forums? Hmu - Discord: rockshift#4936
  6. @PK Guy takes money from childrens! Such an bully!
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