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  1. to enter please : Like Comment your ign subscribe! THANK YOU!
  2. Care

    Massive hits DH pking :)

    haha thanks man my buddy used to give me shit too for the way i pronounce dharok =p
  3. Care

    Massive hits DH pking :)

    thank you @Clint Eastwood
  4. Care

    FPING MY BANK! 3x SUPER MBOX Giveaway!

    nice video @spradder keep it up
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  6. Care

    selling rng pm me offers

    That is one big spec
  7. Care

    Opening 70 vote boxes!

    I truly appreciate it guys
  8. Care

    Opening 70 vote boxes!

    I appreciate it alot @Smackd
  9. I honestly cant thank you enough for even taking time out of your day to watch my videos! THANK YOU!
  10. Care

    An eventful day :)

    Dont forget to enter in for the giveaway on the last video!!!!!!
  11. Care

    Age command?

    All good buddy it was worth a shot =p