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Vicious Circle

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Hi, first of all I want to thank you for giving me a chance to create a topic here.

My goal is not to get something to be changed because I dont know what can be done against this.

This my 3rd time getting some bank in the game but lose it to stupid plants and stupid people.

I can sit and type "FP 500K" and player like "viewing" can come up to me and say "come here, ur mine" and then clean me by winning all the fps.

Check the logs and you guys will see the stupid plants I have. Its insane and impossible to have so much bad luck.

And this not something happened just now, it have been like this all the time.

I wanna start my youtube, which Ive already done but can't keep it up because of this stupid fps everytime.

If i PVM no will watch the stream, If I PK no one will watch the stream. I can only get viewers by do FP's so I can do giveaways.

Please, help me.

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If you don't like losing you shouldn't gamble buddy. Also no need to gamble in order to be able to make videos. Yes, having a big bank and do huge giveaways do give you more viewers but I don't think you should start making videos just for the views anyways because you'll most likely quit in no time.

It sounds harsh but it's the only truth, sorry.

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